a) How can I obtain more information to continue studies in Finland?

    In the case of high school students, it is possible to carry out an exchange program in Finland. For this purpose, it is recommendable to contact institutions as YFU (Youth for Understanding), Rotary Club, AFS or others.

    In the case of pregraduate and postgraduate students, we suggest you to contact the Embassy of Finland in Chile, in order to enquire on updated information on possible scholarships, as well as with the Office of International Relations of the Ministry of Education of Chile and CONYCIT.

    Furthermore, it is recommendable to visit the web pages of Finnish universities Finnish universities, all of them provide relevant information in English (essential language to pursue higher studies in Finland)

    Notwithstanding the aforementioned, we suggest you to visit the following web pages:

    If a pregraduate or postgraduate course in the country materializes, the Consulate of Chile in Helsinki will be at you disposal to assist you in all necessary.

    b) I wish to emigrate to Finland /Estonia (for sentimental/work/ family/ study reasons). What do I need?

    Since emigration to Finland or Estonia is exclusively incumbent on the authorities of those countries, we advise you to contact the Consulate of Finland, or the Consulate of Estonia closer to your home address.

    c) Does the Embassy of Chile have any information on work vacancies, available to Chilean nationals?

    This Embassy does not have information or manage records or applications of local companies for personnel recruitment. However, in practically every website of Finnish companies you may find information (in English) on accepting employment applications. Likewise, this Embassy does not have vacancies.

    d) I would like to locate the whereabouts of a Finnish citizen. Can the Consulate of Chile assist me in this?

    To locate a Finnish citizen you must carry out proceedings, necessarily, through the Consulate of Finland closer to you home address.

    e) I would like to locate the whereabouts of a Chilean citizen in Finland. Could the Consulate of Chile assist me in this?

    Yes. You may request this service through the Department of Social Action of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, in Santiago.

    The Department of Social Action is located at 1320 Agustinas, First Floor, Santiago

    Opening hours: 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

    Service is provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Type of Service: Free of charge

    Telephones (56 – 2) 8274620 – 8274625 – 4628 – 4629

    Fax 827 -4878

    f) I would like to present an artistic/cultural activity in Finland. Could the Chilean Embassy provide me with assistance?

    Yes. For this purpose, you must take into consideration that the Embassy submits cultural projects at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile (Directorate of Cultural Affairs), and their carrying out is within a year. Send us your project via E-mail and an officer of this Mission will contact you to discuss details and its scope.

    A record you must bear in mind is that projects are evaluated by the Directorate of Cultural Affairs, which determines what artistic projects will receive financial support.

    g) I wish to invest or find a business partner in Finland. Where may I find information?

    In Finland, Finpro is the association that supports investments in the country. You may fill in (in English) the form with your requirements in its pages.

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