Laguna San Rafael, Región de Aisén, Chile
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For chilean citizens

This section comprises necessary information to carry out proceedings on family matterscustoms procedures and obtaining documents, among other options aimed at Chilean nationals abroad.

  • Social action

    Request of repatriation of the remains of Chilean nationals overseas What does is consist of? The consular officers, in conjunction with the Social...(Keep reading).
  • Family matters

    (Keep reading).
  • Certificates

    What does it consist in? To request before the Consulate of Chile for a Death Certificate by means of the digital system of the Civil Registry...(Keep reading).
  • Documents

    CONSULAR ATTRIBUTIONS RESPECTING THE NATIONAL MERCHANT NAVY The Consular Officers shall provide protection and support to Chilean merchant vessels,...(Keep reading).
  • Civil Enrollments

    Request for Registration of Marriage What does it consist in? It is the registration at the Consulate of Chile of a marriage solemnized in an...(Keep reading).
  • Social security

    (spanish) Tramitación de la Solicitud de Asignación por Muerte (o Cuota Mortuoria) por el fallecimiento de un imponente activo o pensionado del...

    (Keep reading).

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  • To become acquainted with our bilateral relations, commercial affairs and more about Chile, visit your Embassy.
  • To find out information on how to obtain visas, renew your passport and other procedures, visit your nearest Consulate.
  • To become acquainted with our representations to international organizations, visit Missions.