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Military Service

Military Service

The new recruitment system left ineffective the obligation of young citizens to attend to the Recruitment Canton of their borough to enroll for the military service. In replacement of this method, it stipulates the implementation of an automatic inscription system in the Military Registries, in the year turning 18 years of age, by means of data transfer from the Civil Registry & Identification Service to the General Direction of National Mobilization(DGMN, for its acronym in Spanish).


The DGMN must publish and issue annually, in April, with the respective Conscription Base for the year, made up by the members of the aforementioned Military Register and by the young citizens available from the former year.


For the aforementioned, young citizens overseas and turning 17 years of age in the year, must attend the  nearest Consular Representation of Chile in order to inform their current address.


Obtaining Certificates of Military Situation or Exclusion Claims

The petitioners shall appear at the nearest Consular Representation to their home address to carry out the respective procedures. The Consulate of Chile will send it to our Civil Registry & Identification Servicewho, in turn, sends it to the General Direction of National Mobilization.

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