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Obtaining a safe-conduct for Chilean nationals overseas


What does it consist in?

Consular officers who carry out consular acts may grant a safe-conduct to travel exclusively to Chile, without previous consultation to the Ministry, to Chilean nationals lacking travel documents due to misplacement, destruction, misuse or theft of the same or when its identity card has expired and its validity is requested by the transit countries.

Where can it be requested?

Consulates of Chile overseas.

Who is it addressed to?

To Chilean nationals overseas who have lost their documents of identity.


A Safe-conduct may also be granted in the same terms aforementioned in the following cases:

  • If the number is registered at the Consulate with a consular registration or affiliation card.
  • If having a birth certificate.
  • In the case of persons who are able to prove their situation as tourists and that having left Chile recently, had lost or suffered the theft of their travel documents.
  • Submit a written statement given to the police due to loss of documents.
  • When the local police request the Safe-conduct.
  • In case of poverty.
  • In qualified cases and of justified exception a Safe-conduct may be granted to a foreign-born citizen for the sole purpose of entering Chile.


Travel document to enter the national territory of Chile.


Enquiries on the cost of the procedure must be made at the Consulate.


  • Additional records may be requested during the application procedure.
  • The duration of the travel document is of 10 days and is issued solely to enable the holder to enter Chile.
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