Laguna San Rafael, Región de Aisén, Chile
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Objectives and functions of the Embassy

The objective of the Diplomatic Mission of Chile to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union is representing the interests of Chile in these countries and the strengthening of relations with the European Union institutions (European Commission, European Council and the European Parliament, among others) within the framework of the Association Agreement, in force since February 1, 2003.


Among the functions of the Embassy are strengthening Bilateral Relations in political economic, cultural and educational matters where this Diplomatic Mission is accredited.


Likewise, as part of its functions, the Mission to the European Union participates in the process of implementing the Association Agreement, including the follow up and coordination of the fulfillment of commitments and obligations originating from the referred Agreement, as well as meetings of institutional mechanism provided for therein (Association Council, Association Committee, among others).


The Mission is also actively involved in strengthening and deepening the strategic partnership between Latin America and the European Union, particularly in the Biannual Summits, meetings of High Officials and sectoral dialogs of common interest to implement the bi-regional work program, as well as participating in the EU- Rio Group meetings.