Palafitos Castro, Isla de Chiloé, Chile
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Civil Attaché Offices

Commercial Attaché Office

Commercial Director

Maria Julia Riquelme


Álvaro Camargo.

Patricia Pizarro.

Carolina Villar.

Valeria Ery Koike.

Sandra Gomez de Freitas.

Agricultural Attaché Office

Agricultural Attaché

Miss María José Campos Herrera



Eric Ramos Pinheiro



Thiago Theiss


The Ministry of Agriculture of Chile has ten Agricultural Attaché Offices in the main destination markets of Chilean forestry and food exports. The main objective of these offices is to support and facilitate the process of transforming Chile into an agro-food and forestry powerhouse, in order to increase the presence of Chilean products in export markets.


  • To act as a link between the Brazilian authorities and the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI), including its different services such as the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG).
  • Anticipate and resolve sanitary, phytosanitary and/or administrative disputes in situations that may hinder the process of Chilean exports to Brazil.
  • Generating market information to identify trade opportunities and detect threats to Chilean exports.
  • Researching issues of technological innovation and international agricultural cooperation by interacting with actors in the public sector, research centers, universities, etc.
  • In coordination with the Foreign Investment Committee, to attract investors who want to develop forestry and agricultural projects in Chile.
  • Managing the administrative aspects of the Agricultural Office and informing the Ambassador, MINAGRI and DIRECON in a timely manner.
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Telephone: (55 61) 2103 6110