Fiesta de La Tirana, Pampa del Tamarugal, Chile
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Bilateral Relations

Canada and Chile maintain a deep and solid relationship with a growing increase in their political, economic-commercial and collaborative links. Both countries share and promote principles such as the protection of democracy, human rights, the fight against climate change, free trade and common perspectives on the global system. 

The bilateral relationship was further deepened in 2013 with the renewal of the Strategic Partnership Framework Agreement, given the perception of being "like minded countries". Based on this, it can be affirmed that Canada considers Chile as a strategic ally with which it shares values, and as a reliable partner in Latin America. 

In the multilateral area there is great harmony in international positions, especially in environment and human rights. At the regional level, Canada and Chile participate in the Lima Group and share convergent positions on various political issues in Latin America. 

Canada has been an Observer State of the Pacific Alliance (PA) since October 2012 and has ongoing cooperation projects. In addition, together with Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are negotiating their status as an Associate State in this group. Along with this, the partnership with APEC and CPTPP.