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Documents subscribed between Chile and Canada

  • Memorandum of Understanding concerning Youth Mobility 

This visa is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding that Chile and Canada signed in 2008. Young people from both countries have more opportunities to travel with the right to study and work for one year in the other country and being able to acquire university or post-secondary technical professional education, work and practice experience in work environment, as well as to develop their knowledge of languages and culture of the other country.

  • Free trade agreement (1997) 

The signing of this agreement was a very important milestone for our country as it was the first treaty signed with a developed country and also include other major aspects of trade beyond goods, such as services, investments, environment and labor. The FTA with Canada has been updated several times and modernized on several topics. The latest modifications took effect in January 2019.

  • Agreement on Environmental Cooperation 1997 

This agreement corresponds to one of the two parallel agreements signed under the Free Trade Agreement. The main goals are to strengthen the environmental cooperation between the parties and ensure the effective execution of the environmental laws and regulations, also encouraging that the environmental goals and objectives of the Free Trade Agreement are achieved. The specific goals include, among others, the promotion of sustainable development and cooperation in the conservation, protection and improvement of the environment.

  • Labor Cooperation Agreement 1997 

The Labor Cooperation Agreement between Chile and Canada was signed under the Chile-Canada FTA. The goal of this Agreement is to improve the working conditions and the living standards in both countries, to protect and enforce the basic rights of workers. Strengthen the cooperation on labor issues between governments and citizens of both countries.

  • Agreement to avoid double taxation 1998 

The Agreement applies with respect to income taxes obtained and paid amounts, credited, made available or accounted as expenses, as of January 1st of 2000.