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The jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Chile in Chicago comprises the entire zone called Midwest of the United Sates of America and is made up by the following States:

Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kentucky, Ohio, Kansas y Missouri.

The main cities in this region are: Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Saint Louis, Columbus, Kansas City, among others.

The Midwest comprises an approximate population of seventy million of inhabitants, 12.5 million in Illinois and 3 million in Chicago, its capital, which represents an enormous economic potential as a consumer market. With an average of USD 36 million per capita income per year, this market proves to be attractive for exporters


The most relevant economic activities of the jurisdiction are: motor industry, printing, services, agriculture, machinery, oil, and mining. Likewise, banking and financial services stand out in the main cities.

One of the characteristics worth highlighting is that the Hispanic population (mainly Mexicans) have grown remarkably over the last years, concentrating in the city of Chicago. This population reaches approximately more than a million and three hundred thousand inhabitants, which represents an approximate 10 % of the city's population.

The form of government of the states of the jurisdiction correspond to the federal system in which, the United States is divided administratively, in the framework of a representative democracy.

Since the opening of this Consulate General, our goals have been mainly to establish a fluent relation with state and Chicago city authorities. Currently, the relation with the Mayor of Chicago as well as with the Governor of Illinois is of reciprocal cooperation, in the political, economic, consular and cultural fields.

Finally, the number of Chilean nationals residing in the entire jurisdiction is estimated in an approximate number of 4.000 persons and more than 1200 of them are located in the very city of Chicago.

An important part of this community is constituted by postgraduate and doctoral students in a great number of universities of the Midwest of the United States (University of Chicago, Notre Dame, Madison, Northwestern, Illinois, Michigan) which regularly receive Chilean students.

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