Fiesta de La Tirana, Pampa del Tamarugal, Chile
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Address: 875 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1800 Chicago, IL 60611

Telephones: +1(312) 654 8780 / +1(312) 654 8946

Weekend Emergency Number: 312 852 6600

IP Telephone (from Santiago): 495 8536 (do not add code of the U.S.A.). If calling outside the region press 02.

Fax: +1(312) 654 8948


Website: /chicago/en

Open to the Public: Monday to Friday of 08.00 to 13.00 hrs.

  • District

    The jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Chile in Chicago comprises the entire zone called Midwest of the United Sates of America and is made...

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