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Tourist Visa

In order to check whether or not you will require a Tourist Visa to enter Chile, it will depend on your nationality, length of stay and reason for visiting Chile. To check the aforementioned, please refer to the following website/ document CUADRO DE VISAS y ARANCELES 2018, under the heading “Req. VISTUR - SI/NO” for your home country. (SI = a Tourist Visa is required, NO = a Tourist Visa is not required)

 1.     Open an account on the following website:

2.     Once you have opened an account, you must complete the Visa Application provided online (Register request / Type of application / Visa)

3.     Then, you must scan and upload all the necessary documents (Please specify document file names, e.g., “BankStatement.pdf”). Below is a list of documents which are required:

a)     Itinerary and flight reservation

b)     A Hotel Reservation (covering the entire length of stay), or, a Letter of Invitation (must be authenticated by a Notary Public in Chile)

c)     A Bank Statement (from the previous 3 months to the date of application)

d)     A Valid Passport, with at least six months remaining validity (scan of the pages with visas)

e)     One passport-size photograph (scanned) 

We need to request permission from Chile to grant a visa, so please allow enough time. It takes 20 working days - approximately - for a reply.Only after that period you must contact us to enquire if your visa has been granted, and ask for an appointment to collect it, if applicable.

The original documents will need to be presented, if your application is approved, the day you collect your Visa at the Consulate. Note: We will not accept applications within 20 working days of travelling.

*The meeting of the records aforementioned does not ensure the issuing of the requested visa. Additional records may be requested during application procedures.