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Working group on Chile-China relations

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its Asia-Pacific Directorate, in collaboration with the Chilean Navy and Fundación Chilena del Pacífico (Chile Pacific Foundation) organized a working day devoted to China, entitled “Challenges and Opportunities in the Relationship between Chile and the People’s Republic of China,” which was chaired by the Director of Asia-Pacific, Ambassador José Miguel de la Cruz.

In the event, representatives from the Armed Forces, academic, scientific-technological,  trade-economic, public and private sectors linked to China discussed the current state of Chile’s relations with that country from their own perspectives.

In his presentation, the Director of Asia-Pacific stated that this new academic exercise, which began last year with Japan, allows to “openly set forth our challenges with China and the best way to face them.”  He said that in order to know what we want to achieve in our relationship with China “our approach must not be only institutional, but we should also take into account the views of key players from the public, private and academic sectors, who build ties with China on a daily basis and in various fields.”

The meeting, which aroused great enthusiasm among attendees, addressed various aspects of Chile-China relations and proposed ideas and initiatives on how to improve bilateral relations.

The working group met at the Valparaiso Naval and Maritime Museum where participants made their proposals, to be considered for the future development of Chile-China bilateral relations. The participants agreed to set up an informal working group as a follow-up up body for such proposals.