Palafitos Castro, Isla de Chiloé, Chile
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Luis Poirot in India and his exposition "Neruda: absence and presence"

The prominent Chilean photographer Luis Poirot made his first professional visit to India during the second week of October 2017 to inaugurate the exhibition "Neruda: Absence and Presence", an event that consisted of two parallel exhibitions that took place in Calcutta on October 5 at the Rabindranath Tagore Center of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Kolkata, and on October 6 at the Art Gallery of the India International Center (IIC), New Delhi.

Imagen foto_00000001

The exhibition portrayed the memories of the Chilean Literature Nobel Prize winner (1971) Pablo Neruda in its different facets in an approach that emerged in 1969, when photographer Luis Poirot met him personally.

The evocative photographs of Neruda, his possessions and his surroundings provide a dramatic but intimate narrative along with his poetry. The house of Neruda on Isla Negra, facing the Pacific Ocean, is where most of Poirot's photographs were taken, so it offers a unique perspective of the way Neruda impregnated his house, and everything it contained, with his own vitality, style and great imagination.