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Aid to Chile

Press Release

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Three days after the massive earthquake that struck Chile, the death toll until today rises to 723, a figure that will unfortunately continue to increase. The number of missing people continues augmenting and it is estimated that the affected people would add up to two million.

The Government of Chile has thanked the international aid that several countries have announced, as well as the gestures of solidarity that their leaders have sent us.

To provide relief to those affected by the earthquake in Chile and as a response to initiatives of Chilean residents in Italy, as well as Italian nationals and NGOs in this country, the Embassy of Chile in Italy will collect this solidarity aid in the following bank account:

  • Name of Bank: Banca Sella
  • Account Name: Ambasciata del Cile – Rubricato Terremoto Cile
  • Bank account number: 79H6845316311
  • IBAN: IT33M03268032000H6845316311 ( I - T- THREE - THREE - M - ZERO -THREE - TWO - SIX - EIGHT - ZERO -THREE -TWO - ZERO - ZERO - ZERO - H - SIX- EIGHT- FOUR - FIVE – TRHEE- ONE - SIX - THREE - ONE - ONE)
  • BIC/Swift Code:  SELBIT2BXXX

Due to the magnitude of the disaster and in order to assist victims as soon as possible, non-governmental aid requested should only be of a monetary nature.


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