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Foreign Ministry sends staff from Chilean Embassy to Sendai

The Crisis Unit, in conjunction with our Embassy in Japan, continues with its search efforts and assistance to fellow nationals who were living or visiting Japan at the time of the earthquake and tsunami.

The following information was collected until 8.00 am this morning:

Chilean Residents

As indicated yesterday, of 600 Chileans in Japan, 97 percent live in Tokyo and in the southern areas of that city, where the earthquake and tsunami had a lower impact. Only three percent live in the northern area, which was most affected by the disaster.

New search requests for family members have been received, which today account for 114 applications. Of these search requests, 87 individuals have been located, resting 27. In the epicenter area, where six Chilean nationals were registered, five have been already located.

Moreover, the Foreign Ministry received yesterday new search requests for two Chilean nationals in the area, which added to the one received yesterday make a total of three non-registered Chileans who may be in the area. Of these three individuals, two were already located and confirmed safe but they are in poor housing conditions and with no basic services.

Therefore, of the Chileans who were supposedly in the area of greater risk, we have located 7, resting 2.

For this reason, we have decided to send two officials from our Embassy in Japan to Sendai, in order to try to locate the two remaining Chilean nationals.

The officials will take provisions and other basic supplies for our fellow nationals who are in the area. Depending on their conditions and needs, those affected will be evacuated to a safer area.

Meanwhile our mission in Tokyo has opened an account on Facebook under the following name: Chilean Embassy in Japan, so as to facilitate contact.  They are already receiving information through this network.

Fukushima Plant

The Crisis Unit and the Embassy are closely following the evolution of the situation of the Fukushima nuclear plant, where the Japanese government has established a security perimeter of 20 kilometers.