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Travel advice for Japan

Due to the consequences of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, which mainly affected the northeast of the Island of Tokyo on March 11, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile advises its nationals to avoid travelling to Japan unless absolutely necessary. As a result of the earthquake, there has been shortage of drinking water and food, as well as blackouts, disruption of rail services and road detours in the most affected areas.

With regard to the situation of the nuclear plants in Fukushima, Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) has advised an evacuation perimeter of 20 kilometers.

Japanese authorities have confirmed that the situation remains serious. Chilean nationals who are living or visiting Japan are advised to avoid the area mentioned above and Okumacho region, including    neighboring areas, where the nuclear plants are located.

Further information regarding possible nuclear contamination in the affected area may be found on the NISA website. Likewise, information on radioactive emergency is available on the website of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Emergency Preparedness and Response).