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1.    What kind of scholarship does the Chilean Government offer?

The scholarship program of the Chilean Government considers two modalities: the Postgraduate and the Certifying Diploma scholarships.

2.    What do the Certifying Diploma scholarships consist in?

The Certifying Diploma scholarships are those offered to professional foreign-born citizens to participate in highly specialized courses which extension varies between 4 and 6 weeks; this takes part in the offer of  training human resources for foreign-born citizens made by the Government of Chile.

3.    What do Postgraduate scholarships consist in?

The Postgraduate scholarships are those directed to professional foreign-born citizens to carry out Master of Arts study programs at Chilean universities.

4.    What benefits do the scholarships of the Government of Chile cover?

All the scholarships cover roundtrip airline tickets, maintenance assignment, allowance, economic support for books, support for development of thesis, health insurance, and the university fee. Nevertheless, it is important to consider the announcement of each year.

5.    What study programs can be applied for?

In the case of Postgraduate scholarships it is possible only to apply to those study programs expressly pointed out in the annex Nº 1 of the announcement  published annually at AgCi website and sent to the Focal Points of the invited countries.

In the case of Certifying Diploma scholarship. it is possible to apply to those that are part of the annual offer that the Government of Chile carries out as regards to Human Resources Formation for foreign-born citizens.

6.    What requirements must I meet to apply?

To have a professional degree, to be currently working, to have been accepted unconditionally by a Chilean university, to fulfill the specified profile in the announcement.

7.    How to apply?

The original application records must be submitted at the Focal Point of the applicant’s Country of Origin, and a copy must be sent to the Embassy of Chile.

8.    What documents must be submitted?

Usually the application form of the government of Chile must be duly filled in; photocopy of Degree certificate, sponsorship letter from the employer, medical certificate, describe reasons for choosing Chile to study, letter of academic references, definitive letter of acceptance from the university – the latter is requested only for Postgraduate studies sponsorship.

9.    When does the application take place?

AgCI establishes January 3 as a deadline every year for the reception of records. However, the Focal Point of each one of the invited countries establishes a deadline for the reception of application records.

10.    When are the results available?

In the case of the Postgraduate scholarships, the results are published at the website the last week of January or the first week of February every year. Also, an official letter containing the results of the applications is sent to every Focal Point.

In the case of Certifying Diplomas, the results are informed on the dates established in the announcements.

11.     What kind of studies may be carried out with the


Postgraduate scholarships?

Master degree studies may be carried out.

12.    What are the criteria used in the selection of applicants?

Selection criteria are specified in each announcement.

13.    Is sponsorship required for the International courses?

The applications must be submitted at AgCI with the sponsorship of the corresponding Focal Point (related links). Applications coming directly from the applicant are not accepted.

14.    Can Chileans apply for the international courses?

In some cases there are vacancies for Chilean nationals, but the application is submitted directly with the providing institution.  AgCI receives only applications from foreign-born citizens.

AgCI calls through its website foreign-born professionals interested in developing Postgraduate studies in Chile.

Application for short and long term scholarships offered by the  Government of Chile to Latin American professionals.

The Chilean Agency for International Cooperation (AgCI in Spanish) receives the application forms and presents officially before the respective institution the applications of Latin American professionals for the development of Postgraduate, Undergraduate or Specialization studies in Chile.

The Chilean Agency for International Cooperation (AgCI) carries out announcement through its institutional website ( and through the different Focal Points and Chilean embassies in Latin American countries.

What does it consist in?

AgCI, through its technical cooperation program between developing countries, calls and disseminates, along with the Focal Points and the embassies of Chile in Latin American countries, the offer of Master Degree programs accredited in Chile and Certifying Diplomas defined by AgCI for the respective year.

The application must be carried out in each Focal Point, along with the required documents and the acceptance of the student by the chosen university (this procedure must be done by the student). Once the pre- selection has been done by the Focal Point, AGCI carries out the final selection of the chosen scholarship holders.

You may perform the search for the current offers, through the Specializing Offers Searcher, managed by the Chilean Agency for International Cooperation, selecting the option ‘becas para extranjeros’.

Where is the application processed?

In every Focal Point of Latin American countries. The records of the respective Focal Point are pointed out in every announcement as published at Agci’s website

Who is it addressed to?

Male or female Latin American professionals, who meet the requirements of application and admission pointed out in the respective announcement.


  • Submit, before the deadline established by AgCI, to the respective Focal Point, the complete forms, following the application instructions.
  • Physical and mental health compatible with the activity.
  • Meet the requirements established in every announcement published in the website.
  • The same applicants are those who must verify if being in condition to be admitted from an academic point of view, since specialties make the enrollment conditions vary, and every applicant represents a particular case, from the admittance point of view.
  • Having excellent academic performance.

Documents required

  • Fill in the respective application form.
  • Official medical certificate, stamped and signed, preferably from a medical center, clinic or hospital.
  • Copy of university Degree certificate and certificate of summary of marks.
  • Curriculum Vitae in Spanish (not more than 2 pages).
  • Ordinary copy of the Passport or Identity Card.
  • Other special requirements according to the scholarship.


The application is carried out through the different Focal Points and Embassies of Chile in Latin American countries, which in turn, receive the forms and perform the pre-selection along with the respective Focal Points, for the different announcements for Postgraduate or Certifying Diplomas. The scholarship granting is defined finally by AgCI, that covers the studies expenses. The application deadline is clearly pointed out in the respective announcement.

  • Applications made out of time stated in the announcement will not be accepted.
  • The scholarships have an extension of up to 24 months for Master Degree studies and of one month for Certifying Diploma studies.
  • These are scholarships that allow to choose from all sorts of Master Degree studies or Certifying Diploma Degrees offered by AgCI, fully financed, provided that the applicants fulfill the requirements stated in the respective announcement and the admittance as foreign-born student is allowed.
  • AgCI disseminates and provides orientation on these kind of studies, received in due time by the Chilean Agency, the application forms and the requested records.
  • The final decision over this point depends exclusively on AgCI.