Laguna San Rafael, Región de Aisén, Chile
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Objectives and functions

The Embassy of Chile in Korea, which is also concurrent to Mongolia, aims to represent and protect the rights and interests of the State of Chile and of its nationals, as well as develop and deepen bilateral relations, trade promotion and cooperation with these two countries.

To achieve these objectives, the Embassy must develop best relations with the authorities of the Republic of Korea and Mongolia and with relevant sectors from industry, commerce, education, defense, scientific, technological and cultural entities, social organizations and society in general in both countries to improve the image and promote opportunities offered by Chile.

The Embassy also must, in turn, collect information of interest to Chile, in order to explore and deepen bilateral relations, the international cooperation and ensure timely detection of conflicts that affect or endanger the safety of navigation and the normal development of trade.

Through the Consular Section should provide assistance and information to Chileans living in Korea or Mongolia, as well as the citizens of these countries having ties with Chile.

In turn, with coordinated action by the Trade and Agricultural Offices and Investment Attraction Office, the Embassy must seek ways and identify areas for greater participation and diversification of exports of goods and services of Chilean companies and promote investment in both senses.