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Investment Attraction Office

Objectives and Tasks

Office of the Foreign Investment Committee (CIEChile), which is the national agency that is representing the State of Chile in its dealings with foreign investors. In this sense the objective of this office is to support Chile to be positioned as a highly attractive destination for foreign investment and international business, acting in matters relating to the management and dissemination of relevant legislation, the development of promotional activities, and the preparation of information on foreign investment for potential Korean investors.

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Sra. Margarita Yim Myoung-shim

Investment Advisor

Foreign Investment Committee CIE

Graduated as Bachelor of Philology at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (1983-1988), and qualified teacher of English (TESOL) at Sookmyung Women's University (1988). Masters in Politics and Diplomacy in Sport at the National University of Sport (1999-2001). Previous work experience as Secretary to the Ambassador (1994-2004) and Commercial Office (1990-1992), at the Embassy of Chile in Korea. Has been also involved in private business activities in Chile (2004-2006) and in the United States (2006-2010). Master the Korean, Spanish and English. She rejoined the Embassy in 2013.


  • Develop all kinds of initiatives to communicate, promote, coordinate and implement actions to encourage the entry of foreign direct investment (FDI) to the country
  • Organize and track promotional and outreach activities to strengthen the corporate image of Chile in events that signify an opportunity to attract investment into the country
  • Provide general information about Chile, its economic and social environment, legal framework and policies on foreign investment, providing specific information on starting a business, as well as procedures and regulations every investor should fulfill for facilitation of FDI.