Laguna Negro Francisco, Región de Atacama, Chile
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Objectives and Functions of the Embassy

The objectives of the Embassy of Chile in Spain are:

  • Representing the State of Chile before the Kingdom of Spain.
  • Strengthening the Bilateral Relations between both States.

To meet these objectives the Embassy carries out the following functions:

  • Protect the interests of the Chilean State and its nationals before the Kingdom of Spain, according to the rules contained in the International Law applicable to this matter;
  • Negotiate, pursuant to instructions given by the Supreme Government, with the authorities of the Kingdom of Spain, all matters aimed at the meeting of the objectives set for this country;
  • Upon request, inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other public institutions on the Spanish political and economic situation and its evolution. To fulfill these functions the Embassy has a wide network of contacts in diverse matters; and
  • Provide assistance and information to Chilean nationals residing in Spain or to Spanish nationals having bonds with Chile. This objective is attained through the Consulates General of Chile in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the ample network of Honorary Consulates in a great number of cities.
  • Develop activities of economic and commercial nature aimed at increasing the commercial exchange and investments between both States.
  • Work systematically to further the knowledge of Chile in Spain.
  • Foster tourism to Chile.
  • Support the dissemination and promotion of the Chilean culture in Spain, this by means of sponsoring cultural projects. All this, with the purpose of strengthening the cultural bonds between both States.
  • Encourage educational and scientific exchange. Spain is one of the main destinations for Chilean students of postgraduate programs abroad.
  • Promote official visits of authorities, national experts and eminent public figures significant to the bilateral relation and interests of Chile. Likewise, assist and collaborate with the carrying out of these visits.
  • Strengthen bilateral relations in matters of defense. For this purpose, the Embassy relies on the active participation of its Attaché Officers.