Orfebrería Mapuche, Artesanías de Chile
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Objectives and Functions of the Embassy


Represent the interests of Chile and its nationals in the United States of America and foster greater integration and cooperation with its authorities and institutions, in order to collaborate with the economic, scientific-technological, political and social development of Chile.

Therefore, proposals and mechanisms of collaboration strengthen, contributing to the development of relations regarding Human Rights, the promotion of democracy, free trade, education, scientific and technological innovation, environmental issues, energy, defense, the fight against corruption, and hemispheric cooperation. In order to meet these goals this diplomatic mission works to establish contacts with the Administration, federal agencies, states of the union, the congress, NGOs, think tanks and significant institutions of the civil society. Likewise, it fosters and coordinates official visits of public figures and officers of the public and private sector, in all the fields of national activities.

The diversity and scope of the Chile-U.S. bonds, the innumerable coincidences in diverse fields of economic and social development, as well as the geographic and economic dimension of the United States, leads to a decentralized task of dissemination which lets people become acquainted with the strengths and national attractions regarding business, tourism, social and cultural affairs in the main centers of the country.