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Agreements and Treaties

  • Signing of the 'Equal Opportunity Agreement'. In Washington, Minister Alejandro Foxley and the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice agreed to amplify the offer of postgraduate scholarships in the U.S. for Chilean students in primary fields. These fields include science and technology, public policies, environmental studies, education and public health. Applicants will not be requested to have a full command of the English language to do courses at U.S. universities (August 8, 2007).
  • Creation of the Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group and signing of the Agreement on Political Cooperation between the Senate of Chile and the Senate of the United States. The ceremony was held at the Capitol and the former President of the High Chamber, Eduardo Frei, headed the Chilean Senators delegation. Representing the American legislators were Richard Lugar, Mel Martínez, Norm Coleman, Ken Salazar and Robert Menéndez (June 2007).
  • Plan Chile- California. A Partnership for the 21st Century. With the significant support of the Department of State and of Secretary Rice, President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, subscribed in California the Program Chile-California, a Partnership for the 21st Century with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The agreement seeks to generate bilateral mechanisms that foster development in the areas of energy, the environment, agriculture, higher education and innovation in Chile, thereby strengthening the relations between Chile and the State of California. (June 12, 2008)

Agreements derived from the Chile California Partnership signed in Sacramento California (June 23):

  • Framework Agreement between Chile and California with the aim of establishing cooperation for the development of Human Capital and projects and collaboration in the fields of energy, the environment, and up-to-date agriculture and education.
  • Cooperation Agreement for R&D between UC Davis and ChileanTechnological and Business Consortium for the Vine and Wine(Vinnova). Defines fields of research of common interest in the wine industry and the training of professionals and technicians for this industry.
  • Association between University of California, Davis (UCD) and the Institute of Agricultural Research of Chile (INIA). Development of projects on seed improvement, by means of genetic engineering and the training of researchers.
  • General Agreement of Educational Cooperation between The California State University and the Regents of Universidad Tecnológica de Chile, INACAP. Partnership Agreement for the development of advanced technical training programs and the exchange of teaching methodologies.
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Heath of Chile, the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO), and the community of Massachusetts, U.S.

The parties agreed to establish a mutual, formal and structural program with the aim to:

  • (1) promote medical, scientific and industrial research;
  • (2) foster collaboration and advanced technological development between centers of academic and medical research and chief biological and biotechnological sciences companies in their respective fields;
  • (3) facilitate the financing of joint research;
  • (4) foster and learn of the better practices of each organization;
  • (5) increase the probability that the technology developed by joint research centers may be applied with commercial purposes and allow employment generation; and
  • (6) provide reciprocal assistance to foreign companies that have headquarters located in their respective territories. (October 23, 2007).