Palafitos Castro, Isla de Chiloé, Chile
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Agreements and Treaties

  • Signing of the 'Equal Opportunity Agreement'. In Washington, Minister Alejandro Foxley and the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice agreed to amplify the offer of postgraduate scholarships in the U.S. for Chilean students in primary fields. These fields include science and technology, public policies, environmental studies, education and public health. Applicants will not be requested to have a full command of the English language to do courses at U.S. universities (August 8, 2007).
  • Creation of the Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group and signing of the Agreement on Political Cooperation between the Senate of Chile and the Senate of the United States. The ceremony was held at the Capitol and the former President of the High Chamber, Eduardo Frei, headed the Chilean Senators delegation. Representing the American legislators were Richard Lugar, Mel Martínez, Norm Coleman, Ken Salazar and Robert Menéndez (June 2007).