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"The lives of Condorito": Exhibition celebrates 70 years of the character in the National Library

Comunicado de la Biblioteca Nacional.

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Condor and human, Chilean and universal, star and outcast, revered by some and prosecuted by others, popular idol and historical and current trademark, Condorito cannot be classified. Created by cartoonist René Ríos Boettiger (Pepo) and initially published 70 years ago in the pages of Okey magazine (1949), Condorito has changed over and over again. It has been renewed between printed and digital pages, cinema and advertising, it has exercised the most diverse trades and has crossed Chilean borders to become a Latin American icon.

It is not easy for a character to turn seven decades and continue in force. Condorito years ago transcended the printed pages to become part of the national idiosyncrasy. The space that the character of Pepo has today in culture has been earned thanks to the ingenuity and gifted pen of its creator, who captured in some vignettes the various faces of the average citizen. Pelotillehue is Chile and Condorito is all Chileans.

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This is why the National Library has wanted to open its doors to Condorito and all his friends, to celebrate Condorito's 70th anniversary together. The exhibition "The lives of Condorito", covers from the beginning of the character, the appearance of his circle of friends and enemies, his eternal love for Yayita and his nephew Coné. In addition, the exhibition will go beyond Condorito, to meet its creator, Pepo, who not only limited his work to this character, but was also part of Topaze magazine, founded the publications La Pichanga and La Raspa, and worked in the world of advertising.

The Marta Cruz-Coke room will become the official embassy of Pelotillehue, and looks forward to welcoming everyone who wants to celebrate with us. Posters and original drawings from the Prints and Prints Archive, as well as a selection of books and copies from the Magazines Section will be part of the exhibition.

The inauguration was held on August 8, 2019. Enjoy the exhibition and a video.