Fiesta de La Tirana, Pampa del Tamarugal, Chile
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National Literature

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Imagen foto_00000019 Spanish-American syllabary
Author: Adrián Dufflocq
Year: 1953
Imagen foto_00000015 The volantín: popular passion
Author: Eugenio Salas
Year: 1947
Imagen foto_00000014 Chile's colonial contract
Author: Patricio Lepe-Carrión
Year: 2016

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Imagen foto_00000012 The Manifiesto
Author: Nicanor Parra
Year: 1963
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Poems "The Mothers" with drawings of André Racz, the Book "The flower games", among others.
Author: Gabriela Mistral

Imagen foto_00000018 What has not been said
Author: Teresa Wilms Montt
Year: 1922
Imagen foto_00000013 Journey from Dawn to Night, Jazmín Region, among others 
Author: Óscar Castro

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Imagen foto_00000024 Your brain and the five senses
Author: Esperanza Habinger
Year: 2020
Editorial: Amanuta
Imagen foto_00000025 Made by Hand
Author: Guadalupe Rodríguez
Year: 2020
Editorial: Amanuta
Imagen foto_00000026 Diary of a quarantine
Authors: Maureen Chadwick y Ale Mujica
Year: 2020
Editorial: Amanuta
Imagen foto_00000022 Empathy in quarantine
Author: Patricia Fernández Biebarach
Year: 2020
Editorial: Amanuta
Imagen foto_00000023 Stories of the quarantine
Authors: Winning stories and those selected in the contest conducted by Editorial Amanuta from May 15 to June 15, 2020
Year: 2020
Editorial: Amanuta

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