Laguna San Rafael, Región de Aisén, Chile
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Objectives and functions

The Embassy of Chile, along with developing the necessary actions to strengthen and deepen bilateral relations and promote the interests of Chile in Finland, concentrates its efforts in the following areas:

Education: The excellent educational results of Finland have drawn the attention of many countries, and Chile is not the exception. Indeed, Chile is interested in deepening the cooperation in the following matters: teacher training, inclusive education systems to anticipate the needs of education, technical and vocational education, mobility and exchange of students, teachers and experts.

Scientific-Technical Cooperation: Chile and Finland continues to deepen the exchange of experiences and public-private collaboration in the fields of green mining, geo informatics, biomass, forest inventory, in addition to cooperation on energy efficiency. A Partnership Agreement exists between CONICYT and the Academy of Finland for the development of collaborative research in areas of common interest. In addition, there have been opened new spaces for collaboration in terms of molecular medicine from the University of Chile and the Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine.

Antarctic Science: The main objective is to establish collaboration in Antarctic Science, climate change and collaborative research projects.

Commerce: The commercial trade among Chile and Finland has decreased in 2013 and 2014 as a result of the economic crisis in Europe. The Embassy has begun working under the modality of "Commercial Embassy", giving greater dynamism both the relationship with existing partners of Chilean companies, as well as to attract new investors. Also seeks to promote tourism and keep the place of privilege that Chilean wines currently have on the Finnish market.

Culture: The promotion of Chilean culture plays a highly important role in the foreign policy of Chile, favored by the cultural and historical heritage of the indigenous peoples of our country. In addition, it seeks to promote the participation of Chilean groups at different festivals in Finland.