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Bilateral Relations


In 2015 are fulfilled 84 years of diplomatic relations between Chile and Finland, which were established in 1921 within the framework of the League of Nations. In 1988, the Finnish Government announced its determination to reopen its diplomatic representation in Santiago, which was materialized in May 1989. Chile meanwhile opened its embassy in Helsinki in August 1990.

Chile and Finland have excellent bilateral relations in all aspects: political, economic, commercial, cultural and especially cooperation in important areas of interest to both countries. Internationally, Chile and Finland shared principles and values, which is reflected in coincidences on the main issues on the international agenda, particularly those relating to the promotion of democracy and the rule of law, respect for international law, promotion and protection of Human Rights, Disarmament and International Security and Sustainable Development, among others.

Working visits to Finland

Between days 2 and 6 of May 2015, a delegation of 17 rectors and vice-rectors of Chilean CFT (Universities of Applied Sciences) and IP (Professional Institutes) visited Finland. In the opportunity they developed a very intense schedule with ten meetings in Helsinki and three more in the city of Tampere, having the opportunity to learn about the Finnish experience in this field and establish contacts with their counterparts.

In March 2015, between days 23 and 25 of that month, a delegation from the Chilean Congress, including its Vice President and congreswoman, Mrs. Denis Pascal, and the congressmen Roberto León and Guillermo Ceroni visited the Finnish capital, holding meetings with representatives from the Finnish Ministry of Economy, the Finnish Water forum and the former Minister of International Development, Mr. Pekka Haavisto.

In November 2014, the Ministry of Education of Chile Mr. Nicolás Eyzaguirre visited Finland between day 2 and 4 of that month, heading a delegation of 34 people, including Senators, Congressmen, experts and advisers in the Chilean education field, holding meetings with various key actors of the Finnish educational area, and also with the Acting Minister of Education Mrs. Anita Lehikonen, the Rector of the Helsinki University, Mr. Jukka Kola, and the president of the Education Committee of the Finnish Parliament, Mrs. Raija Vahasalo.

Between days 18 and 19 of November the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Mr. Edgardo Riveros, visited Finland as a continuation of the political Dialogue started in Santiago in March 2014. During his visit Mr. Riveros held meetings with authorities of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the Commission of Foreign Affairs of the Finnish Parliament.

In January 2013, a delegation from the Ministry of Education of Chile (MINEDUC), headed by the Secretary for Education, Mr. Fernando Rojas, paid a visit to Finland.

In April 2013, the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mrs. Evelyn Matthei paid a working visit to Finland.

In August 2013, the Deputy Secretary of Mining, Mr. Francisco Orrego and delegation participated in the Ist Meeting of the Steering Committee of the MoU (Steering Committe) on Bilateral Cooperation in the Mining Sector between the Ministry of Employment and Economy of Finland and the Ministry of Mining of Chile.

In March 2012, Director of European Affairs of Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Daniel Carvallo, paid a working visit to Finland.

In May 2012, Professor José Retamales, National Director of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH), visited Finland.

In June 2012, the executive Vice President of CORFO, Mr. Hernán Cheyre, accompanied by the Director of Innova CORFO, Mr. Conrad von Igel, visited Finland.

In October 2012, under the framework of "EU-Chile Social Cohesion Programme", took place the visit of Secretary of Social Services (S) of the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Aliro Caimapo and delegation.

In November 2012, director of the Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA), Mr. Pedro Bustos and delegation visited Finland.

In June 2011, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Ambassador Fernando Schmidt visited Finland.

In April 2011, a delegation from the Council of Rectors of Chile (CRUCH) paid a visit to Finland to meet with its Finnish counterparts: "Finland Universities".

In September 2011, a delegation of the Committee on Education of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies paid a working visit to Finland, led by the chairmen of these committees, Senator Jaime Quintana and Deputy María José Hoffmann, respectively.

Working visits to Chile

In March 2014, the former President of Finland, Mrs. Tarja Halonen, went to the ceremony of presidential power transmission, and held a friendly meeting with H.E. the President of Chile Mrs. Michelle Bachellet.

During the month of April 2014, the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Mr. Jaakko Laajava, visits Chile co-chair the Meeting of Political Dialogue with the Chilean Undersecretary of foreign Affairs, Mr. Edgardo Riveros.

In September 2014, Mr. Jan Vapaavuori, Minister of Economy of Finland, visits Chile with a important commercial delegation, having meetings with six Ministers, high authorities of CODELCO, and headed the 2nd Meeting of the Steering Committee of the MoU in Mining Cooperation between the two countries.

In January 2013, after his active participation in the Ist Summit Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union (CELAC – EU), Prime Minister of Finland, Mr. Jyrki Katainen made an official visit to Chile, between 26 and 29 January.

In March 2013, a delegation from the Technological Institute Agrifood Research Finland (MTT) belonging the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, headed by its Director General, Professor Erkki Kemppainen visited Chile, invited by the Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) of the Ministry Chilean Agriculture.

In October 2013, a delegation from the Ministry of Education and Science of Finland, headed by its Minister, Ms. Krista Kiuru, visited Chile.

In April 2012, a delegation of Academy of Finland (AKA) led by Dr. Riitta Mustonen, Vice President of Research, visited Chile for meetings with CONICYT.

In May 2012, the social democratic parliamentary and Chair of the Commission on the Future of the Finnish Parliament, Ms. Päivi Lipponen, visited Chile invited by the National Congress of Chile.

In August 2012, a delegation of "Universities Finland" visited Chile to participate with the Universities of Chilean Traditional Universities (CRUCH) in in the "Second Forum on Higher Education and Science".

In July 2011, Deputy Foreign Minister for International Economic Affairs, Ambassador Esko Hamilo and President of the Finnish Parliament, Mr. Eero Heinaluoma, visited Chile to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Congress.


It has established an effective cooperation between universities, publics and privates. Similarly, it´s cooperation among Council of Professional Institutes and Technical Training Centers accredited in Chile and the Council of Rectors of Universities of Applied Sciences (ARENE). (See section agreements and bilateral treaties).


The embassy is part of PROCHILE program "Embassies Trade". Chile is one of the major trading partners of Finland in Latin America, with Brazil and Mexico.

There have been various activities and seminars on investment and business climate in Chile. It has also been supported Chilean company visits to Finland.

In February 2014, Finland was officially accepted as an observer in the Pacific Alliance.

During September 2014, a group of Finnish companies in the mining sector traveled to Chile with the Minister of Economy, Mr. Jan Vapaavuori to participate in the 2nd Meeting of the Steering Committee of the MoU in Bilateral Cooperation in the Mining Sector, between the Ministry of Labour and Economy of Finland and the Chilean Ministry of Mining.

In January 2013, took place in Helsinki A Tourism Fair Matka and Chile participated with an exhibition for the first time.


There is active cooperation between National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) and the Academy of Finland (AKA). In addition there are bilateral ties in the area of Molecular Medicine, Bioenergy, Energy Efficiency, Forestry, Electro mobility, Antarctic Science and the "Green Mining" (green mining).


Since July 2014 the Consulate of Chile in Helsinki has a Facebook profile, allowing a better communication with the Chileans who lives in Finland. This profile is: "Consulado Chile en Helsinki".

In February 2011, the Honorary Consulate of Chile opened in the cities of Oulu and Joensuu, in addition to that existing in Helsinki, covering completely Finnish territory.


During the month of October 2014, it was held the award ceremony of the VIII International Literary Contest "Angel Ganivet", and Ambassador Eduardo Tapia was part of its jury.

Between 22 and 26 of October 2014, took place the X version of the "Cinemaissi" Film Festival, event that had the visit of the Chilean director Jorge López Sotomayor, with his film "Patagonia de los Sueños", screened twice during the Festival, opportunities where the Director spoke about his works.

In April 2013, it was opened in Helsinki Kanneltalo Gallery – with the support of the Department of Cultural Affairs (DIRAC) – the exhibition "Thank Finland" by the Chilean painter, Mr. Hector Wistuba Lorca.

In September 2013, the Editorial "Into" held at Villa Kivi ("house of writers") in Helsinki, the launch of "Salvador Allende and years the fate of Chile" ("Salvador Allende Chilean Kohtalonvuodet ja"). A book also called "Salvador Allende" of Spanish author, Mr. José Manuel Martínez.

A ceremony on the occasion of the 9th edition of the Festival of Latin American Cinema "Cinemaissí" in Helsinki and the participation of Chilean films was organized in October 2013: "The Passion of Michel Angelo" by Esteban Larraín; "3:34" by John Paul Ternicier and "Violeta Went to Heaven" by Andrew Wood.

In October 2013, it was held the awards ceremony of the VII International Literary Contest "Angel Ganivet" organized by the NGO Association of Country Friends. The contest is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, Berner Oy and the Embassy of Spain, with the collaboration of the University of Helsinki, the embassies of Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela, the General Secretariat for Immigration and Emigration of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security of Spain.

In November 2013, it was conferred the "Order of Educational and Cultural Merit Gabriela Mistral in the grade of Commander" to the renowned Chilean painter resident, Mr. Hector Wistuba Lorca.

In April 2012, the exhibition "Mapuche: Seeds of Chile" was transferred to SIIDA Museum in Inari, 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, one of the largest museums dedicated to the Sámi culture.

In April 2012, it was conferred the "Order of Educational and Cultural Merit Gabriela Mistral in the grade of Commander" to the prestigious and prominent musicologist and Chilean composer, Professor Alfonso Padilla.

In October 2011 was inaugurated the "Cultural Week of Chile in Finland: 80 years of friendship", opened by the President of Finland, Mrs. Tarja Halonen.

With the presence of over 500 guests, was also exhibited "Mapuche: Seeds of Chile" at the Museum Helinä Rautavaara, and a presentation of "Los Jaivas" in the Barona Areena, "Daniel Muñoz and 3 x 7 veintiuna" and pianist Maria Paz Santibañez in Seal Hall, plus a cycle Chilean film, photo exhibition and dance workshops and painting.