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Marta Maurás is Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations, other International Organizations and the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva (2014- ). She is a sociologist, international expert, consultant and speaker in child rights, gender equity, human rights, social policy and international relations.

During most of her professional career, Maurás has been associated to the United Nations system. Since 1974, she has served in various senior technical and managerial capacities with UNICEF, the UN and ECLAC in field and regional offices in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and in New York Headquarters. In 2008 she was elected member of the UN Committee on Child Rights where she served as Vice-president till 2013, leading, among others, the preparation of General Comment #16 on State Obligations regarding the Impact of Business on Child Rights, and the 2012 Day of General Discussion on International Migrations and Children. More recently she became adviser and independent expert to UNICEF on Business, Social Responsibility and Human/Child Rights. In the last two years she has been invited to missions and conferences in Spain, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Bangladesh, India, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, El Salvador, Peru and Argentina, among others.

Between 1998 and 2005 she served in the Office of Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan as Director for Economic and Social Affairs and Chef de Cabinet of the Deputy Secretary General, managing her office and agenda and liaising with UN Departments, Economic Commissions, agencies and programmes as well as with the World bank and the International Monetary Fund and the Office of the GA and ECOSOC Presidencies. She contributed to implementation of the reform agenda of the UN launched by Kofi Annan in 1997. Among her responsibilities, Maurás actively participated in the design of peace operations in Kosovo, East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti. She contributed to the planning and realization of the Millennium Summit and the establishment of the Millennium Development Goals. She was focal point for coordination of the SG's programme against HIV/AIDS and helped organize the General Assembly Special Session on the subject. She liaised with UNICEF for the GA Special Session on Children. She was also responsible for planning and coordinating the implementation of the annual joint programme of exchanges with the European Union.

From 1992 to 1998 she was the UNICEF Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Bogotá, Colombia. As such, she was member of UNICEF Senior Management Team and supervisor of 26 field offices and programmes in the region. She was responsible for leading the shift towards a child rights approach to development and emergency programmes in the region and for introducing key management innovations in both poor and middle-income countries. She formed part of an 8-member Senior Management Reform Team that designed and launched a major management overhaul of global UNICEF in 1995. She led the UNICEF contribution to the social movement for peace in Colombia, culminating in the massive 1997 March for Peace and the liberation by the ELN of 15 abducted teenage girls, working with the Catholic Church, the Red Cross, the Defensor, local NGOs and the Nobel Peace Prize José Ramos Horta.

Previously, Maurás served as Chief of the Sub-Sahara Africa Section in Headquarters, New York; Representative in Mozambique and Swaziland, based in Maputo; Senior Planning Officer/Technical Coordinator in Pakistan, based in Islamabad; and Regional Adviser on Women's Affairs in Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Santiago, Chile. In these capacities, she contributed to the development of programme and management approaches appropriate to extreme poverty countries, countries in complex emergencies and refugees, and countries in transition. In particular, Maurás was responsible for political coordination and management of the UNICEF study on Children in the Front Line, producing important evidence on child mortality in Southern Africa as a consequence of the apartheid regime, used by the UN Sanctions Programme. She participated in the seminar on peace and democracy in Southern Africa, organized by the Government of Sweden in 1990.

Before retirement from the United Nations in 2007, Maurás was Secretary to the Economic and Social Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, managing international relations, and supervising the Women and Gender and Press and Communications sections. Later she was the Special Envoy of UNICEF for Latin America and the Caribbean representing it in the Ibero-American Summit in El Salvador, before being elected to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Maurás is Chilean, holds a degree as sociologist from the Catholic University of Chile, and certificates on Public Administration, University of Connecticut and in Ontological Coaching, The Newfield Institute.

She is a member of several international and national NGOs and academic institutions, notably, the Centro de Estudios y Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad de Valencia, España; director in the Board of Latinobarómetro, the opinion poll on democracy in the LAC region; the Council of ComunidadMujer, a women leadership-lobby organization in Chile; an international NGO promoting social venture capital; the Board of the Observatorio de Niñez y Adolescencia, Universidad de Chile, monitoring implementation of child rights; the board of Centro de Estudios de la Corporación OPCIÓN, Chile; and founder member of the Grupo de Mujeres Internacionalistas (GMI).

She is fluent in English, French and Portuguese. Born in Santiago, Chile.

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Marta Maurás CV – SUMMARY:

Educational background:

Sociologist/Licenciada en Sociología, Catholic University of Chile.

Certificate in Public Administration, University of Connecticut, USA.

Diploma in Ontological Coaching, The Newfield Group, USA.

Primary and secondary education in Santiago College, Santiago, Chile.

Professional responsibilities:

2014- Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations, other International Organizations and the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva

2013-2014 Senior Adviser to UNICEF on Business and Human/Child Rights, international consultant

2009-2013: Member and Vice-President of the United Nations Committee on Child Rights

2008: UNICEF Special Envoy for Latin America

2005 – 2007: Secretary of the Commission, UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Santiago, Chile

1998 – 2005: Director for Economic and Social Affairs in the Office of the UN Secretary-General and Director of the Office/Chef de Cabinet of the UN Deputy Secretary-General, New York, USA

1992 – 1998: Regional Director, The Americas and Caribbean Regional Office, UNICEF, Bogotá, Colombia

1988 – 1992: Head of Sub-Saharan Africa Section, UNICEF, New York, USA

1984 – 1988: UNICEF Representative for Mozambique and Swaziland, Maputo, Mozambique

1980 – 1984: Senior Planning Officer, UNICEF, Islamabad, Pakistan

1977 – 1979: Project Officer Women´s Affairs, UNICEF Regional Office, Santiago, Chile

1974 – 1977: Consultant Women´s Affairs, UNICEF Regional Office, Santiago, Chile

1972 – 1974: Lecturer and Researcher, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Catholic University of Chile.

Languages: English, French and Portuguese.

Born in Santiago, Chile.

List of Publications and conferences available.