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Diplomatic Officers


Mr. Juan Luis Bianchi


  • Head of Chancellery
  • Administrative, accounting and personnel matters
  • Relations with the Indian legislature
  • Diplomatic and official visas
  • Protocol

Mr. Cristián Davis

Third Secretary

  • Internal policy, foreign policy, economy
  • Sectoral issues (Human Rights, Environment, Science and Technology, etc.)
  • Candidacies and International Organizations based in Delhi
  • Legal issues
  • Concurrences in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal

Mrs. Consuelo Klaasen 

Third Secretary and Consul

  • Consular Section in New Delhi
  • Cultural issues, Education
  • Energy (ISA), Innovation (Start Up)
  • Press

Commercial Attaché 

Mr. Hugo Salvestrini

Head of ProChile in New Delhi

Agricultural Attaché

Mr. Eugenio Aguiló

Head of Agricultural Office in New Delhi


Defense Attaché 

Captain (N) Mr. Nahir Ahmed

Police Attaché

Lieutenant General (Policía de Investigaciones) Mr. Hugo Jeldres

Administrative Assistants

Miss Deensa Rosary

Accounting and administrative manager

Miss Simran Kazania

Secretary of the Ambassador