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Bilateral Relations

Diplomatic relations with Indonesia were established in 1965. Shortly thereafter, the Government of Chile appointed its Head of Mission in the Philippines as Concurrent Ambassador to Jakarta. Embassy official resident opened in November 1977 and Indonesia opened its Embassy in Santiago in March 1991.

At the bilateral level, important agreements have been reached with this country in the field of economic and technical cooperation, fisheries and telecommunications, among others. During 2010 Indonesia was the country which Chile had the largest trade among ASEAN countries.

In the multilateral level, it highlights the coincidence on the most diverse issues on the international agenda. Chile and Indonesia share views in various international forum, for example in the area of collective security, human security and the strengthening of peace at the global and regional levels. Both nations agree on combating poverty through sustainable, people-centered development programs and through the liberation of world trade.

There is also a coincidence in the common interest in the promotion of human rights, the reform and strengthening of the UN system, the maintenance and promotion of peace.

Both countries play a dynamic role in the Pacific Basin and promote connections for political, economic, cultural and business integration in the region, using especially the framework offered by APEC and FOCALAE.