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Objectives and Functions of the Embassy

– Strengthening the bilateral relations between Chile and Israel, in order for these to reflect, in the best way possible, the excellent relation that has characterized these two countries from the beginning (Feb. 1949).

– Assisting our fellow citizens residing in Israel in matters of a consular nature.

– Maintaining the Chilean colony informed about the most significant national events, particularly those of special interest for the fellow citizens residing abroad. A special emphasis is given to get our national residents to approach and participate in the actions that the Embassy carries out in this country.

– Promoting a better knowledge of the national reality among the Israeli public and private sectors.

– Disseminating the capabilities and potentialities of the national economy, particularly among the Israeli private and investment sectors.

– Defining sectors in which the international cooperation between Chile and Israel could be increased.

– Disseminating our culture and national arts in Israel by means of specific activities.

– Preparing and organizing or assisting visits of national authorities to Israel.

– Informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the main Israeli political developments, with a special emphasis on those aspects of greater interest for the foreign policy of our country.

– Informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the events and tendencies of the Middle East region, with a special emphasis on the political aspects.

– Informing on the evolution and perspectives of the Israeli economy.