Orfebrería Mapuche, Artesanías de Chile
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How to get there?

How to get to the Embassy/Consulate by public transport

  • Buses No. 12 -22- 52-75-76-142-189. These buses depart from downtown Tel Aviv, Shuk Ha'Carmel, Reading, Rokah (Hauniversita), Hulon.
  • All buses except No. 12 run along Raoul Wallemberg Street, which runs parallel to Habarzel Street. Get off at bus stop No. 53, one station before the ATIDIM bus terminal. Then, walk to the corner of Harad and Habarzel Streets; the new offices are located in the glass building, at the end of the central patio on the right (Building B).
  • Bus No. 12 is the only one that runs along Habarzel Street. Get off bus stop No. 13, one station before ATIDIM terminal.