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Bilateral Relations


Visit of the President of the Republic of Chile, June 24 to 27 

Between June 24 and 27, a visit to Israel was made, which also included a visit to Palestine, by President Sebastián Piñera accompanied by a delegation made up of the Minister of Science and Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Andrés Couve, a group of parliamentarians that included senators Iván Moreira, Ximena Rincón and Rodrigo Galilea, as well as deputies Gahona, Kast and Silber, among others.

The first presidential activity took place on June 25 with a visit to the World Holocaust Commemoration Center "Yad Vachem", where the Garden of Nations was visited. It remembers the citizens of the world declared "Righteous Among the Nations" and pays tribute to those who helped save lives during the Holocaust period, including the names of two citizens, María Errázuriz and Samuel del Campo. Later he placed a wreath in the Hall of Remembrance to end with a tour of the monument to the children murdered during the Holocaust. Before concluding, he signed the distinguished guest book and a meeting was held with prominent Chilean residents.

As part of the program of the visit, the President held an official meeting with the President of the State of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, and then participated in a working lunch. On the occasion, the solid friendship between Chile and Israel was highlighted, as well as the convenience of deepening a positive agenda between both States, and the convenience of strengthening cooperation in those areas where both countries have comparative advantages. 

Likewise, he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On the occasion President Piñera highlighted Chile's interest in being able to advance with Israel on specific issues, such as technology transfer; innovation; technical irrigation; agriculture in the desert; water, energy and cybersecurity management. The negotiated agreements were signed and are as follows:

-Air Services Contract between the Government of the Republic of Chile and the Government of the State of Israel.
-Memorandum of Understanding on the Scientific Cooperation Program.
-Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Cybersecurity between the Government of the Republic of Chile and the National Directorate of Cybersecurity of the State of Israel.
-Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Energy Sector between Chile and Israel.
-Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Water Resources and Wastewater Management.
-Memorandum of Understanding in the areas of Security and National Security
-Letter of Intent for Cooperation in the fields of health and medicine.
-Letter of Intent for Cooperation in Agriculture

During his stay in southeastern Israel, the President visited the Hadassah Hospital complex, where he was received by its Director, along with the founder of BioHouse and by the Chief Scientist of the Israel National Innovation Authority, who explained to him about the ecosystem that promotes innovation in health and medicine in this country, addressing the concepts of telemedicine and digital health, matters that are a priority for the government in Chile.

Likewise, on the 26th, a visit was made to the Israel Space Center (IAI), an opportunity that allowed us to learn about the advances of this country in satellite and aerospace matters.

During his visit to Israel, President Piñera highlighted, in a very particular way, the solid and positive synergies that can be appreciated in relations between Chile and Israel, two countries that, despite being different, face certain similar situations and, in that context, being able to work together is a priority.

He stressed that both countries were celebrating 71 years of diplomatic relations at that time, expressing his conviction that the best of those relations was yet to come and that the real challenge is to strengthen the dialogue necessary to continue deepening bilateral ties.

The signing of eight agreements is the best testimony to the excellent level of relations between the two States and represents the best way to develop powerful ties that aim to solve problems of great social impact.

Visit of the Research Commission of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, July 28 to 31

A delegation made up of the CRUCH research commission headed by its president, Professor Adrián Palacios, and the executive director of Sofofa Hub, Alan García, visited Israel in order to learn about good practices in the local system of innovation and technology transfer, which occurs inside the Universities and their relationship with Industry and Government.


– 20-21 March: Ambassador Jorge Montero participates in the Meeting of Chilean Ambassadors in Europe and the Middle East, held in Madrid and chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Heraldo Muñoz.

– March 27: Mission to Chile of Deputy Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean, Ambassador Modi Ephraim.

– April 27 – May 2: Visit of the Governor of Marga Marga to participate in the 19th International Conference and Exhibition of Agriculture, AGRITECH, held in Tel Aviv. He also met with Mr. Sergio Gryn, Director of the National Institute for Leadership; Mr. Gabriel Hayon, Manager of the Chamber of Commerce Israel / Latin America; and Mr. Ariel Goldgewitch, Head of Latin America Department of the Jewish National Foundation (KKL).

– June 8: Tribute "100 Years of Nicanor Parra" at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, organized by the Chilean Institute of Culture with the support of the Embassy of Chile, with presentations by Professors Ruth Fain and Myrna Solotorewsky.

– 1-8 August: Visit of the former President Eduardo Frei and spouse, invited by the Holocaust Museum "Yad Vashem" in Jerusalem. As central activity they participated in the ceremony held in honor of Mr. David Feurstein at the Museum.

– 15-18 of August: Participation of Senator Girardi, professors and students of Chile in the World Science Conference held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

– October 15 : Economic and Trade Seminar "Doing Business with Chile & Peru" organized in Tel Aviv by the Chamber of Commerce Israel – Latin America, with the support of the Prime Minister Office. On the Chilean side the event was addressed by the Minister Economic Counselor of the Mission of Chile to the European Union, Mr. Juan Fierro, and the Director of ODEPA, Ms. Claudia Carbonell. On the Peruvian side have participated the Ambassador Gustavo Otero and the Commercial – Economic Minister Counselor Mr. Mario Vargas. At the opening session intervened Mr. Eli Groner, Director General of the Prime Minister 's Office; Mr. Roberto Spinel, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce; the Economic Director of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Sharon Bar- Li and the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy Mr. Avi Hasson.


– July 30-2 September: Ambassador Jorge Montero recalled for consultations in Santiago in relation to the conflict in Gaza.

– October 25 to November 1: Visit to Israel of Deputies, journalists and members of the Jewish Community of Chile. – 16-23 November: Visit of the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Navy, Admiral Enrique Larrañaga.

– November 26: James: "Seminar for the Promotion of Peace between Palestine and Israel," organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, an initiative to strengthen confidence between the Palestinian and Jewish communities in Chile after the conflict in Gaza. For Israel have participated Mr. Gadi Balstianky, Director of "Education for Peace" (Israeli chapter of the Geneva Initiative).

– 7-11 December: Participation of member of Parliament Deputies Celso Morales, Fernando Meza and Cristián Campos in the Latin American Parliamentarians Conference (Jerusalem).

– Subscription on January 20 in the Customs Headquarters in Valparaiso of the Agreement between Chile and Israel on cooperation and mutual administrative assistance in customs matters. By the Chilean side the agreement was signed by the National Director of Customs, Mr. Rodolfo Alvarez, and by the Israeli side the Ambassador in Chile, Mr. David Dadonn. The Director General of the Ministry of Finances of Israel, Sr. Moshe Asher, and the Chief of taxes and customs finances for North America and South America from the same Ministry, Mr. Ilan Ohad, also participated in the ceremony.

– 23-31 May: Mission to Israel by a delegation from the Chilean Chamber of Construction, CCHC, headed by its president, Mr. Daniel Hurtado, aimed to know the Israeli technological expertise in the field of construction. The delegation visited Jerusalem, Haifa (Technion Institute of Technology), Shafdan (municipal water treatment plant), solar power plants and building technology companies.

– June 1: Working visit to Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Edgardo Riveros, occasion in which he held a meeting with the Director General Ambassador Nissim Ben-Shitrit and lunch with the Deputy Director General and Director of Agency for International Development Cooperation of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MASHAV), Ambassador Daniel Carmon. In these meetings it was agreed to implement triangular cooperation initiatives and improve bilateral trade. The visit took place at a time when Israel has decided to prioritize its relations with Latin America.


– January: Visit of the Executive Director of InnovaChile/Corfo, Mr. Conrad von Ingel, to present the Second Program of Attraction of International R&D Centers of Excellences and to establish contacts with Israeli R&D institutions

– 20 to 24 March: Official visit to Israel of the Minister of Defense, Mr. Rodrigo Hinzpeter.

– On August 3th. to 11th. a private and public joint delegation from the Arica/Parinacota, Tarapacá and Antofagasta Regions visited Israel. The main purpose of the mission was to learn on site about the Israeli technologies and experiences in the field of the water management (desalination, recycling, supplying) and in the field of the renewable energies, and also to identify the possibilities of a mutual collaboration.

– November 11th: The Chief Scientist of the israeli Ministry of Economy, Mr. Avi Hansson, visits Chile with the purpose to exchange information about the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in Chile and Israel and to explore the potential of mutual collaboration.

– December 1st. to 6: A delegation of the Chilean National Institute of Forestry (INFOR) carried out an official mission to Israel in the framework of the project "Development of technical management to produce piñones from pines pinus pinea , an attractive commercial option for Chile"

– December 1st. to 12th: An academic and professional mission from the north of Chile carried out a misson to Israel to know the Israeli expertise in the development of wine production in desertic zones Finally, it is worth mentioning that, during the last two years, more than fifty Chilean members of the parliament, mayors and opinion leaders visited Israel invited by the Jewish Community of Chile and the Israeli Government, carrying out a very busy agenda.


– January: Launching of the Hebrew edition of Vicente Huidobro's major work Altazor, sponsored by the Embassy of Chile and DIRAC.

– March: Official visit to Israel of the Comptroller General of the Republic, Mr. Ramiro Mendoza. He held meetings with the President of Israel; Mr. Shimon Peres; the President of the Knesset, Mr Reuven Rivlin; the Judge of the Supreme Court of Israel, Mr. Salim Joubran and the Comptroller and Ombudsman of Israel, Mr. Micha Lindenstrauss.

– July: Visit of the Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Army, General Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba

– August: Israeli mission to Chile to know the Chilean experience en seismic preparedness

– 30 august: Video-Conference between the Chilean Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (Israeli Industry Center for R&D) of Israel to check the draft of the Agreement on bilateral cooperation in private sector industrial research and development. The draft of the agreement is currently under review.

– September/October: Visit of the Chilean Training-Ship "Esmeralda" to Israel (port of Haifa) Israel (port of Haifa)

– October: The Commander in Chief of the Chilean Air Force, General Jorge Rojas, visits Israel.

– November: Visit of the Chilean Minister of Environment, Mrs. María Ignacia Benítez, invited by her Israeli counterpart, Mr. Gilad Erdan

– December: Visit of the Director of "Los Leones-Cruz del Sur Rehabilitation Center" (Punta Arenas), Mr. Asterio Andrade

– December: Collective Painting Exhibition of Natives Artist from Chile at Kiryat Ono Municipality Cultural Center & Library, in presence of the Major, Mr. Yossi Nishri


– January: Visit to Israel of a Chilean parliamentarian delegation, accompanied by the Director of Middle East and Africa (DIREMOA) of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. José Miguel Menchaca.

-March: Four days Official visit to Israel of the President of the Republic, H.E. Sebastián Piñera Echenique. The programme included meetings with the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Defence Minister and former Prime Minister, Mr. Ehud Barak. The President also visited high-tech centres and signed two agreements on education & culture fields and on international cooperation.

– March: The thirty-three miners rescued from the San Jose mine and their partners were invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Israel to visit the country.

– June: Visits to Israel of a parliamentarian delegation, the Rector of the University Adolfo Ibañez, Mr. Andrés Benitez, and the President of the Jewish community of Chile, Mr. Shai Agosin.

– September: Official visit to Israel of the Minister of Defence, Mr. Andrés Allamand.

– December: Visit to Israel of a parliamentarian delegation accompanied by the Vice President of the Jewish community of Chile, Ms Karen Pupkin.

– December: Visit to Israel renewable energy and water treatment centres of the Governors of the Atacama and Coquimbo regions.


– January: The Mayor of Renca, Ms. Vicky Barahona, held meetings with municipal authorities of a variety of Israeli cities.

– February: The Feasibility Study for the signing of a Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Israel was completed positively.

– June: Visit to Israel of Mr. Fernando Flores, President of the National Council of Innovation for Competitiveness, and Ambassador Gabriel Rodriguez, Director of Science & Technology and Innovation (DECYTI) of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Their program included visits to high-tech companies and academic centers of excellence, among which the Weizmann Institute and Technion.

– November: Visit to the main Israeli High-Tech Centers of a delegation of the Foundation País Digital ("Digital Country"), composed of academic and business leaders. The Minister of Public Works, Mr. Hernán de Solminihac; the Minister of Transport, Mr. Felipe Morandé and the Senators Mrs. Evelyn Matthei and Mr. Hernán Larraín also took part at this programme.

– November: In association with the Embassy of Chile and the Israel-Chile Cultural Institute, the Israel Postal Company launches a stamp to pay tribute to Chile Bicentenary.

– November: Visit of the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Navy, Admiral Edmundo González.


– March: DIRECON and MOITAL (Ministry of industry, trade and labour of Israel) start a feasibility study for the signing of a Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Israel.

– May: Visit to Israel and Palestine of the President of the Chilean Confederation of Retail Trade and Tourism, Mr. Rafael Cumsille.

– June: Organization of the drawing contest "Children of the Holy Land draw Chile" sponsored by the Embassy of Chile and DICOEX. More than 40 Israeli children participated.

– August: Participation of Chilean artisans at the Jerusalem International Crafts Fair, sponsored by the Embassy of Chile and DIRAC.

– November: Participation of Chile in the exhibition Spain and Latin America Carnivals, organized by the Embassy of Chile, DIRAC and the Cervantes Institute of Tel Aviv.

– December: Visit to Israel of the Ambassador Carmen Hertz, Director of Human Rights of the Chilean Foreign Affairs Ministry, to participate in the "Global Forum on struggle against anti-Semitism" organized by the Government of Israel.


– May: The Director of ProChile, Ms. Alicia Frohmann, visited Israel. She held meetings with local authorities of the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Affairs and Finance, as well as with representatives of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

– July: The General Director of International Economic Relations, Mr. Carlos Furche, visited Israel. He held meetings with his local counterparts, in order to agree on the beginning of a joint feasibility study aimed at eventually subscribing a FTA between Chile and Israel.

– November: A visit of the Ministry of Economy, Mr. Hugo Lavados, is scheduled for mid-November, within the framework of an important International Conference. The Minister will subscribed a Bilateral Cooperation Agreement on Research and Industrial Development for the Private Sector between Chile and Israel. A visit of The Executive Director of AgCI (Chilean Agency for International Cooperation), Ms. María Cristina Lazo, visited Israel in is scheduled for the same month, together with a representatives of INDAP (Institute for Agricultural Development) and from the Ministry of Health, in order to explore cooperation possibilities between both countries.


- March: Visit to Chile of the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (equivalent to Deputy Foreign Minister), Mr. Aharón Abramovich, who held a meeting with the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Alberto van Klaveren.

– June: Visit to Israel of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Alvaro Rojas, in order to get to know, on site, the local productive experience and the important progresses accomplished in areas such as efficient water handling, technological innovation and organization of their producers.

– October: Within the framework of the Conference Watec Israel 2007, Water Technologies & Environmental Control, the Minister-President of the National Commission of Energy, Mr. Marcelo Tokman, visited Israel, together with a public-private delegation composed of, among others, by the Undersecretary of Public Works and the Prefect of Antofagasta. Also in October, the Major of San Pedro de Atacama, Ms. Sandra Berna, visited Israel in order to subscribe a twinning and cooperation agreement with the Israeli city of Yoqneam.

– November: The Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Alberto van Klaveren, and the Director of Dimeroa, Ambassador Manuel Hinojosa, visited Israel in order to participate in the first meeting of the Mechanism of Political Consultations at a deputy ministers' level. Undersecretary van Klaveren and the Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Tzipi Livni, subscribed a "Memorandum of Understanding on the Establishment of Bilateral Consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Chile and Israel" and an "Agreement on Remunerated Activities for Relatives of a Diplomatic Mission or Consular Representation"

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