Laguna Negro Francisco, Región de Atacama, Chile
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Administrative Officers


Mr. Sergio Parga Miranda


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  • Certifying Officer
  • Administrative Officer / Office clerk
  • Preparation of Power of Attorney and legal documents 
  • Vital Statistics Registration

Ms. Jimena Rojas Beals
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  • Senior officer in charge of the passport and Chilean ID office
  • Responsible for Diplomatic Pouch
  • Inventory
  • Archive of the Consulate General 

Ms. España Berríos Fernández
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  • Executive Assistant to the Consul General
  • Cultural Coordinator
  • Liaison with the US State Department 
  • Responsible for Diplomatic and Official Visas 
  • Social network administrator (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) 
  • Public Relations 
  • Electronic Customer Service

Sra. Paola Lagos Varela
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  • Visa officer
  • Office clerk

Ms. Camila Arteaga

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  • Office clerk
  • Vital Statistics Registration 
Mr. Carlos López

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  • Office clerk
  • Accounting clerk