Laguna San Rafael, Región de Aisén, Chile
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Mr. Waldemar Coutts Smart


Ambassador Waldemar Coutts has a degree in Political Science (University of Louvain, Belgium), and a postgraduate degree in International Relations (École Nationale d'Administration, Paris).

He has served in the Chilean Embassies in Germany, Argentina, Cuba, Poland, as well as in the Chilean Mission to the United Nations, New York.

Ambassador Coutts has specialized in environmental and marine issues as Deputy Director of Environmental and Oceanic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2009-2012) and later as its Director (2013-2016).

In this capacity he was responsible for the relevant Chilean participation in the first Our Ocean Conference (Washington, June 2014), and was also in charge of the organization, contents and commitments of the second Our Ocean Conference (Valparaiso, Chile, October 2015), under the leadership of Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz.

He was also the Chilean Chief Negotiator for Climate Change in the process that led to the adoption of the Paris Agreement (December, 2015) and in that context, promoted the role of the ocean as a relevant climate regulator and carbon sink through the "Because the Ocean" Declarations.