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Objectives and functions of the Consulate

Consular duties are regulated by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, of 1967, and the Consular Regulation of Chile, Decree No. 172, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, 1977.

Some of the functions that correspond to our Consuls are the following:

  • Protect in the hosting country the rights and interests of the State of Chile and its nationals, whether natural or legal persons, within the limits allowed by International Law;
  • To act as a notary;
  • To grant passports, travel documents, to the Chileans of their constituency or passing through it;
  • To provide help and assistance to underprivileged nationals;
  • To ensure the interests of nationals, whether natural or legal persons.
  • To ensure the interests of minors.
  • To ensure that Chilean nationals within the hosting country are subjected to a fair treatment and procedures, where appropriate;
  • To communicate court rulings and extrajudicial decisions and to process exhortations in accordance with the law and regulations of the hosting country.