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Objectives and Functions of the Embassy / Doelstellingen en functies van de Ambassade

The Embassy of Chile in the Netherlands (Holland) has the purpose of promoting and strengthening bilateral relations through the development of political, economic, cultural and scientific ties, together with representing the country before international organizations and interacting with international courts based in the Netherlands.

It supports the work of the Consulate General in the exercise of the protection of Chilean nationals and pays attention to foreigners interested in Chile, in accordance with the principles of International Law. It also works in close collaboration with the Commercial Office, dependent on ProChile. 

In its specific tasks, the Embassy develops contacts with organizations in the Netherlands in areas of common interest; it promotes the interests of the country in the sphere of international organizations based in the Netherlands, considering the legal framework that governs them and the interest of preserving friendly and cooperative relations with the States Parties. 

Likewise, it develops actions related to the cultural presence of Chile in the Dutch environment, in particular, in the field of cinema, literature, theater, painting, sculpture and music; and supports those activities that require their official participation, partnering with Dutch organizations and diplomatic representations to coordinate and project activities.

Regarding the Chilean community present in The Netherlands, the Embassy cultivates a relationship with its members respecting their diversity and creativity, their various forms of association, and highlights the value and contribution of each one to the development of solid ties between both countries. A growing number of graduate and undergraduate students developing research and professional programs in the Netherlands are contributing to this. 


Doelstellingen en functies van de Ambassade

Het doel van de ambassade is het bevorderen en versterken van de bilaterale betrekkingen tussen Chili en Nederland, door het ontwikkelen van politieke, economische, culturele en wetenschappelijke banden tussen de twee landen. Volgens de principes van het Internationaal Recht fungeert de Ambassade als bescherming en behartiging van de Chileense belangen en van de belangen van Chilenen die in Nederland wonen of er op reis zijn.


Functies van de Ambassade:

  • De agenda betreffende bilaterale en multilaterale relaties met Nederland ontwikkelen en uitvoeren.
  • Het volgen van de binnenlandse en buitenlandse politiek van Nederland.
  • Strategieën voorstellen om permanente en conjuncturele bilaterale onderwerpen tussen de twee landen aan te snijden.
  • De samenwerking tussen beide landen op gebieden van gemeenschappelijke interesse te verbeteren en te intensiveren.