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Objectives and Functions of the Embassy

The main objective of the Embassy is to represent Chile before the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reinforcing its image and presence through the strengthening of bilateral bonds.

The first function of this Embassy is to reinforce the political dialogue, making the most of high-level Mechanisms of Consultations -among other instances that have been institutionalised between both Governments- in order to exploit and materialise new forms of cooperation on common interests at bilateral levels, as well as through international organisms in which both countries participate. Likewise, the excellent relations with the Parliament and British political parties will continue to be developed, as well as supporting the work carried out by the Chile-U.K. friendship groups.

It is also our function to develop bonds with the British community linked to our country, who may bear witness to Chile’s reliability as a partner for the United Kingdom. Additionally, our role is to safeguard resident Chilean citizens, as well as those who hold bonds with the United Kingdom.