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Agreements and Treaties

The main treaty relating to Chile –UK relations is the 2003 Association Agreement between Chile and the European Union (Decree 28th January 2003). 

This document provides a general framework for high political dialogue, trade liberalisation and different levels of social and institutional cooperation between our country (Chile) and the European Union and its members, in this case, the United Kingdom.

Defence, Security and Police Matters

Chile and the United Kingdom signed an agreement of Mutual Assistance in the Field of Illicit Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Decree 29 of March 25th, 1996) so as to facilitate police collaboration.

Education and Science

The Technical Cooperation signed between Chile and the United Kingdom (Decree 416, 13th August 1966) laid the groundwork for the exchange of ideas between academics and researchers with regards to scientific matters of mutual interest to both governments.

Currently CONYCIT has signed nine agreements with different British Educational Institutes (Universities UK, The Russell Group, Kings College, UCL, LSE, IoE, to name but a few) to promote the specialisation of Chilean Professionals in the United Kingdom.

Economic Affairs

Along with the economic and commercial benefits that the Association Agreement with the European Union brings, Chile and the United Kingdom also have an agreement for the Promotion and Protection of Investments (Decree 563 of June 23, 1997), as well as one to Avoid Double Taxation and To Prevent Tax Evasion in relation to Income Taxes and Capital Gains (Decree 348 of February 16, 2005).

Other treaties in the sector have the agreement to establish air services between the two territories (promulgated by Decree 231 of June 5, 1952).


The Cultural Agreement between Chile and the United Kingdom (signed on November 13th, 1968, promulgated by Decree 302 of July 31, 1972) introduced several elements to expand the exchange in culture, education and sports.

Agreements under Negotiation

The Social Security Agreement between Chile and the United Kingdom was signed in 2012 and the details of the Administrative Protocol are currently being finalized. It is expected that it will begin to be implemented in 2015 so that people benefiting from the treaty can choose in which country to receive their pension.

The Ministry of Education is in talks to advance an Agreement that recognises professional qualifications between the two countries.

Bilateral Relation