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"Chilean crafts, human natures" en la London Craft Week 2020

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Exhibición/ Exhibition: 'Chilean Craft, Human Natures' by London Craft Week
Fecha/ Date: 30.09.20 – 08.10.20
Hora/ Time: Lun a sáb / Mon to Sat - 10.00 am – 5.00 pm | Dom-Sun CERRADO / CLOSED
Lugar/Venue: Zari Gallery | Zari Gallery (73 Newman St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3EJ)
Description: Putting together the best of Chilean craftsmanship for the first time in the United Kingdom, the Chilean craft, human natures exhibition aims to shed light to the diversity of the know-how of crafts in this plural territory, inserted between the high Andes and the wild Pacific.

Fully integrating Nature within their artistic and technological processes, by notably using local raw materials, such as vegetal fibers growing near the lakes, earth from the Atacama Desert, specific stone from a river, copper from the mountains, those Chilean artisans give us exceptional handcrafted works, perfect balance between the esteem of the raw material and the cultural load of the making process.

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