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Bilateral Relations


During 2010 and as part of the celebrations of the Bicentennial of Chile’s Independence, the Chilean Embassy in Romania developed a series of activities, among which noteworthy were:

  • Meeting with the resident Chilean community. Held on September 18 at the embassy’s premises and attended by 35 people (Chileans living in different parts of Romania).On the occasion, the film from the TV series “Heroes” produced by Channel 13 was screened.
  • “Winter Holiday” Tourism Fair. This activity took place from October 22-24, 2010, at the Palace of Parliament. A photo exhibition on Chile’s main tourist attractions and its geographical diversity was shown. The artwork was provided by Fundación Imagen de Chile (Chile’s Image Foundation).
  • Donation of 66 different tree species to the Municipality of Sector 1 and a memorial plaque at the “Regina Maria” Park in Bucharest: the number of trees represents the number of fellow nationals who currently live in Romania. The donation ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Sector 1, Andrei Chiliman, the Chilean Ambassador, Ms. Maria Eliana Cuevas, members of the diplomatic corps and Chilean nationals living in Bucharest. The donation of trees took place on November 15 and was promoted and highlighted by several print media.

From 2006 to present day, there has been an active exchange of visits of representatives of both government and in the field parliamentary diplomacy, highlighting the visit paid by Mr. Bogdan Olteanu, Chairman of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies to Chile and of Mr. Patricio Walker, then President of Chile’s Chamber of Deputies to Bucharest. It should be noted that bilateral agreements in the fields of Education, Justice and Social Security are being negotiated which are priority issues in the agendas of each government and particularly substantial given the recent accession of Romania to the European Union. In November 2008, a conference on social cohesion was scheduled with the arrival of Chilean experts to Romania and aimed at raising awareness of the Chilean experience in social projects and policies promoted recently. During this period, intensive work at district and regional levels has been carried out, which resulted in the twinning of the cities of Cluj-Napoca and Valdivia. In October 2008, the General Director of Carabineros de Chile (Chilean national police), Eduardo Gordon, visited Bucharest on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the International Police Federation.


In 1973, Bulgaria broke diplomatic relations with Chile, although documents signed by the two countries were not denounced. On April 6, 1990, the agreement that reestablished diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Chile was signed and in October 1991, the Foreign Minister of Bulgaria opened a trade mission in Santiago, which was subsequently raised to the rank of Embassy while Chile is concurrently accredited from Bucharest.