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Civil Attaché Offices

Agricultural Office

The main objective is to support and facilitate the process of transforming Chile into an Agro-Food and Forestry Power, in order to meet the objectives of: new and better export markets, a better phytosanitary and phytosanitary standard in the world, and more and better Innovation in the area. This task is accomplished under the direction of government authorities and in close collaboration with Chilean producers and exporters. 

The functions are as follows:

• Anticipate, inform and solve problems of phytosanitary or animal health, or administrative problems that hinder the initial and continuous access of Chilean agri-food and forestry products to destination.
• Alert early changes in agricultural policies, regulations, production conditions, exports, imports and prices that may alter trade towards that destination or worldwide.
• Generate relevant information regarding the objectives defined for the Agricultural office in addition to the required periodic reports, and distribute this information in a timely manner.
• Study the local market, monitoring prices, and the structure and evolution of the supply (national and international) and of the demand for agricultural, forestry, food and agro-industrial products, in coordination with the Commercial Aggregation;
• Support the issues of market access through the study of current tariffs, tariff measures, preferential treatment situations, bilateral and multilateral agreements signed and in force in the country;
• Propose actions that tend to improve access of silvoagropecuary exports to the market in question;
• Anticipate, inform and solve phytosanitary or administrative problems that involve access to Chilean agri-food products to destination, generating solutions or alternatives for potential conflicts;
• Develop market intelligence actions that allow for the availability of relevant and updated information for the development of silvoagropecuary businesses, generating information on production, marketing channels, relevant actors, economic, technical and phytosanitary conditions.
• Interact with the relevant agencies of the public and private sector of the place of destination. As well as attending Chilean exporters that require information, and collaborating in agricultural matters with the missions of the Ministry of Agriculture and other organizations of the sector;
• research and analyze topics of technological innovation, as well as investment plans and projects for silvoagropecuary products;
• generate information and instances for the promotion of Chile to foreign investors in the forestry sector.

Agricultural Attaché

Pablo Barahona


Officials of the Agricultural office:
Yulia Logvinova, Assistant:

Victoria Bagavova, Assistant:

Denezhniy Per, 7, Building 1, Moscow, Russian Federation

Telephones: +7 – 499 – 241 0182/ +7 – 499 – 241 0385

Office hours: Monday to Thursday from 09:30 to 18:30 hrs / Friday from 09:30 to 16:00 hrs.

Trade Office

The main objective is divided into three areas of action; First, to promote the Chilean exportable offer and thus increase total exports from Chile to the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Secondly, to attract investments from these countries to Chile. And finally, to promote Chile as a tourist destination of interest to the markets of these nations.

The most important function is to expand the variety of actions aimed at disseminating existing opportunities in the economic and commercial fields. Among the most relevant activities are: providing commercial information to Chilean exporters, organizing workshops, seminars, conferences and tastings, such as Sample and Tastings; Flavors of Chile, among others, organize commercial missions of prospecting and market analysis, manage the participation of Chilean exporters in trade fairs such as World Food Moscow, Prodexpo, MITT among others; providing logistical support, conduct business conferences among entrepreneurs, manage the visit of potential investors, clients and journalists to Chile; generate business agendas, detect opportunities for mutual exchange, support negotiations aimed at the generation of trade agreements and support Chilean exporters in the commercial procedures they must carry out for the entry of their production both to the Russian Federation and to Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 

Visit local importers and distributors generating contact networks for future business contacts, market information and specific products according to the interests of Chilean exporters. 

Trade Attaché

Pablo Barahona


Officials of the trade office:
Svetlana Tarjova, Assistant:
Alejandra Trofimova, Assistant:

Address: Denezhniy Per, 7, Building 1, Moscow, Russian Federation

Telephones: +7 – 499 – 241 9466 / +7 – 499 – 241 9327

Office hours: Monday to Thursday from 09:30 to 18:30 hrs./ Friday from 09:30 to 16:00 hrs.