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Power of Attorney

Tuesday, April 18 2017

Consulate General of Chile San Francisco

870 Market Street, Suite 1058, San Francisco, California 94102

Phone: +1(415) 982-7662 +1(415) 982-7665 Fax: +1(415) 982-2384

Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm

In Person Appointments: 8:30am-1:30pm

Phone Hours:2:30-4:30pm

Special powers of attorney are public documents that are subject to the authorization of the signatures of the party present by the Consul according to the law and stipulations presented in the Consular Fee of Chile, Law 18.340.

According to clause 11 of article 97 of the Consular Regulation, consular officials have the responsibility to ask the representative for the draft of the notary request that they desire, however, if you need at outline of an affidavit, the Consulate can provide you with a referential one. (Click here to see special power of attorney format).

Special power of attorney allows one person (the solicitor) to entrust onto another (agent, who must be a person above 18 years, usually residing in Chile) to take care of one or more specific processes on his/her behalf. Special powers of attorney are not valid for purchases, sales, or contracting marriage.


  • Request an appointment with Mr. Alexis Zúñiga.
  • Chilean solicitants must bring a valid Chilean passport and/or Chilean Identification Card (Cédula de Identidad).
  • Foreign solicitants must bring a valid passport.
  • All special power of attorney must be signed and fingerprinted by the solicitor.
  • Fees:
      • The fee for a Power of Attorney is USD$50.00 (fifty dollars).‐ plus US$ 5.00 (five dollars) for each page.
      • The fee for a General Power of Attorney is USD$50.00 (fifty dollars).‐ plus US$ 5.00 (five dollars) for each page.
      • The fee for a Special Power of Attorney is USD$25.00 (twenty five dollars).‐ plus US$ 5.00 (five dollars) for each page.
  • Fees for procedures at the Consulate General of Chile in San Francisco must be paid at the Consulate with debit or credit card VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER. The Consulate General in San Francisco also accepts payments by Money Order issued by the U.S. Postal Service payable to "CONSULATE GENERAL OF CHILE". The Consulate General does not accept wire transfers, personal checks or any form of cash.
  • The solicitant should send a draft of the exact document in Spanish (93-97 Word, file letter size), including spell checking, to Mr. Alexis Zúñiga Barra,
  • The solicitor should be aware that the procedure will be around one and half hour depending on the length of the case, and the availability of the Consul to provide his signature.
  • In order for each document that is signed in the Chilean Consulate of San Francisco to be valid in Chile, the signature of the Consul must be authenticated in the Department of Legalizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located in calle Agustinas 1320, Santiago. This final process is charge-free.

For further questions contact Mr. Alexis Zuñiga at

or call to +1 (415) 982-7665, preferably between 2:30- 4:30 pm



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