Fiesta de La Tirana, Pampa del Tamarugal, Chile
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Imagen foto_00000001Ambassador Goñi graduated in Business Administration, majoring in Economics, from the University of Concepción. He was Minister of National Defence in the first term of President Bachelet and has been Ambassador to the United States, Mexico, Italy, and Sweden with concurrent accreditation to Latvia; and at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Ambassador Goñi has been Director of Europe in the Directorate General for International Economic Relations (DIRECON); Coordinator of the Association Agreement negotiations with the European Union; Executive Director of the National Environmental Commission (CONAMA) and Director of the Commercial Office of the Embassy of Chile in Sweden for the Nordic and Baltic countries. In academic area, Ambassador Goñi has been Director and Professor of the University of Concepción in Santiago; researcher and professor at the Institute of Latin American Studies at Stockholm University. He has been editor of several books and published numerous articles on diverse topics, such as, economy, development aid, politics and culture, in magazines and newspapers in Chile and abroad. Furthermore, he has also published short stories. Ambassador Goñi has been decorated by Sweden, Argentina, Italy, Ecuador, El Salvador and Jordan.