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Chilean citizens arrested overseas

Support Chilean citizens arrested overseas

What does it consist of?

The Consulates in conjunction with the Department of Social Action of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall take steps to facilitate to relatives the sending of money orders, documents, mail, and keeps them informed on the health conditions and of the course of the process of the arrested citizen.

Where can it be requested?

  • Consulates of Chile overseas.
  • Department of Social Action of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Who is it addressed to?

Chilean citizens requiring information about their family relation arrested overseas.


  • The petitioner must be next of kin.
  • Produce Birth Certificate of the arrested person.
  • Inform the tribunal and number of the trial (only if the relative knows it).


Carry out the necessary procedures to know about the situation of Chilean citizens arrested overseas.


There might be a fee and this will depend on if new procedures or documents are requested.


Additional records may be requested during application procedures.