Fiesta de La Tirana, Pampa del Tamarugal, Chile

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  1. Chilean citizens arrested overseas Wednesday, December 19 2012 Support Chilean citizens arrested overseas What does it consist of? The Consulates in conjunction with the Department of Social Action of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall take steps to... Keep reading
  2. Localización de personas Wednesday, December 19 2012 ¿En qué consiste? El Departamento de Servicio Social Consular del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores en conjunto con los Consulados de Chile efectúa gestiones necesarias para la ubicación o... Keep reading
  3. Repatriaciones Wednesday, December 19 2012 Request of repatriation of the remains of Chilean nationals overseas What does is consist of? The consular officers, in conjunction with the Social Action Department of the Ministry of Foreign... Keep reading
  4. How to get married or divorced Wednesday, December 19 2012 MARRIAGES Our Consuls are not authorized to act as Civil Registry Officers to solemnize marriages, since it is not within their responsibilities. Consequently, if the solemnization of the marriage... Keep reading
  5. Autorización a menores para viajar Wednesday, December 19 2012

    Legalización de autorizaciones de viajes, emitido por uno o ambos padres, para que los hijos menores de 18 años puedan viajar al extranjero. ¿En qué consiste? Consiste en obtener la legalización de...

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