Laguna Negro Francisco, Región de Atacama, Chile
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Objetives and Functions


The Embassy in Port of Spain opens its doors in November 2005, being the second existing in English Speaking Caribbean together with the diplomatic representation in Jamaica. Its mission is to depends the Its mission is to strengthen the traditional ties of friendship and cooperation between Chile and Trinidad and Tobago.


In this task, it seeks to identify new areas of exchange in trade, bilateral cooperation, education and tourism among others, and disseminate greater knowledge of Chile and its culture. The Embassy is responsible for analyzing , promote, propose and implement policies and programs to be applied in Trinidad and Tobago , providing , when necessary logistical support to the various delegations visiting the country.


In its effort to spread awareness of Chile and its culture, the Embassy has organized various seminars, cultural activities (individually or in collaboration with other embassies, institutions or local agencies) and meetings with college students at the University of the West Indies. The Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago is also concurrent with the Governments of Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and represents our country to the Caribbean Community ( CARICOM).


Mrs. Nasly Bernal

First Secretary

She is also responsible for economic and business affairs with Trinidad and Tobago and Occurrences.


Mrs. Mary Carmen Rodriguez

Secretary of the Ambassador

Responsible for responding to inquiries received at the Embassy and manage the agenda of the Chief of Mission.


Mrs. Ivonne Michel Peralta

Consular Secretary and Administrative Officer

Responsible for financial and administrative matters of the Embassy, while at the Consulate is responsible for answering inquiries and processing of actions.


Mrs. Ailed Peña

Administrative Secretary  

Responsible for receiving and dispatching correspondence within the Embassy; and maintaining communications within Trinidad and Tobago and Concurrences.