Orfebrería Mapuche, Artesanías de Chile
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Mr. Sebastián Anich J.

Cónsul, Third Secretary

Mrs. Mary Carmen Sorzano

Secretary to the Ambassador

Responsible for answering inquiries received at the Embassy. She organizes the protocol agenda for the Head of Mission. She is also responsible for official communications with Trinidad and Tobago and the concurrences.

Mrs. Michel Peralta

Consular and Administrative Secretary

Assistant with the accounting and administrative matters of the Embassy. Meanwhile, in the Consular Section of the Embassy, she is responsible for answering public inquiries, and assistant with the consular accounting.

Mrs. Ailed Peña Hernández

Administrative - Commercial Secretary 

She is responsible for remuneration of local contracts of the Embassy and assistant in administrative matters. Likewise, she serves as commercial secretary and secretary of general tasks in support of the Embassy.