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Agreements and Treaties

• Commercial Economic Agreement
(Government of Chile - Government of Vietnam)
15.11.1993 (signature); 18.01.1995 (promulgation)

• Agreement Concerning Consultations and Cooperation
(Min. RR.EE. Chile – Min. RR.EE. Vietnam)

• Memorandum of Understanding on Exchange and Cultural Cooperation
(Min. RR.EE. Chile – Min. Culture and Information Vietnam)

• Agreement on Quarantine Cooperation and Phytosanitary Protection
(Government of Chile - Government of Vietnam)
08.10.2002 (signature); 07.05.2004 (promulgation)

• Agreement on Quarantine Cooperation and Animal Health
(Government of Chile - Government of Vietnam)
23.10.2002 (signature); 13.05.2004 (promulgation)

• Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Field of Education in Diplomacy and International Relations
(Government of Chile - Government of Vietnam)

• Protocol of Cooperation in the Mining Field
(Min. Mining Chile – Min. Mining and Industry Vietnam)

• Agreement on Cooperation in the Fishing and Aquaculture Field
(Min. Economy Chile and Min. Fishing Vietnam)

• Agreement on Exemption from Visa Requirement for Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders
(Government of Chile - Government of Vietnam)
22.10.2003 (signature); 06.25.2005 (promulgation)

• Agreement on Tourism
(Government of Vietnam and Government of Chile-SERNATUR)

• Agreement of Scientific and Technological Cooperation
(CONICYT Chile and Min. Science and Technology Vietnam)
Otros Acuerdos, Memorándums de Entendimiento y Cartas de Intención:
Other Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding and Letters of Intention:

• Declaration of Intention on Cultural Cooperation
(Government of Chile - Government of Vietnam)

• Letter of Intention for Negotiation of a Free Trade Agreement
(Government of Chile - Government of Vietnam)

• Cooperation Agreement between the Chilean Industrial Development Society and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam

• Joint Declaration Chile-Vietnam on the occasion of the visit to Chile of the Secretary General of the PCV Nong Duc Manh to Chile in May 2007

• Report of a meeting on Mining and Metallurgy Cooperation between the National Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and Science and Technology of Vietnam NRIMM and Center for Mineral and Metallurgical Research. CIMM

• In November 2011, during the APEC Leaders Summit, the Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Vietnam was signed in Hawaii.