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International Cooperation

Both countries develop and participate in various multilateral cooperation forums, such as APEC, ASEAN, FOCALAE, WTO, etc. They maintain coincident visions in a series of multilateral matters and support has been provided in respective candidacies for UN bodies, for example, for the election of Non-Permanent Members of the Security Council. At the bilateral level and within the framework of availability, Chile and Vietnam develop cooperation in fields of: science and technology, mining, customs, medicine, education and parliamentary cooperation among others.

• Binational Groups

In the Joint Declaration of May 25, 2007, the "Vietnam-Chile Intergovernmental Commission" was established, with the aim of promoting the expansion of bilateral cooperation towards new areas such as science and technology, education and training, university student exchange, learning of languages, etc.
There is a "Chilean-Vietnamese Interparliamentary Group", composed of members of the National Congress of Chile and the National Assembly of Vietnam, which develop various activities of common interest.

• Friendship Association

In Hanoi there is the "Vietnam-Chile Friendship and Cooperation Association" (government). In Santiago, the "Cultural Association Chile-Vietnam".