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Work Visa

What is a Work Visa?

Work visas are granted to foreigners who have been hired by a company with residency in Chile. It has a maximum validity of two years. The fee is the same, no matter how long you are hired for.


At any Consulate of Chile abroad or, once in Chile, at the Departamento de Extranjería y Migración of the Ministry of Interior and Public Security.


Click , Press the English flag, and then press VISA.
Upload all the documents of the checklist detailed below and submit your visa. Do not miss any document. Remember to include the form attached below.


  • A scanned copy of your passport (only photo page): Passport must be valid for all the time you will be in Chile +6 months. If your passport will expire soon, we recommend you renew it before applying.
  • A professional passport-size photo: Recent photo. After your visa has been granted, we will need you to send the original photo with your passport.
  • Letter from the Chilean company: This letter should introduce their business and explain the reasons why you are suited for that work position. We will also need a full name, e-mail address and phone number of contact person for the company in Chile.
  • Requirements for the hiring firm: That the company or business has a Chilean legal address; that the qualifications of the hired employee are indispensable to the development of the country; Proof of payment of the relevant VAT of the last three months; Proof of payment of employee and/or company insurance of the last three months.
  • Work contract in Spanish: A copy of the work contract that complies with the rules and regulations of Chile in regards to hiring a foreign worker (Reglamento de Extranjería), signed in front of a Notary Public.
  • The Work Contract must contain the following clauses: The obligation of the employer to pay income taxes based on salary; The obligation of the employer to make payments to the employee's social security and health insurance systems in Chile; The responsibility to pay for return tickets at the end of the work contract, for the hired person and his or her family.
  • Copy of your degree(s) or certificate(s): (if applicable for the job) If the employer requires your diploma to be apostilled, follow these instructions.  It still could be useful to have these documents ready, since the company that retains your taxes will ask for it once you leave Chile and wish to withdraw the money.
  • Application Personal Information Form: Complete and sign attached form COMPUTER TYPED, not hand written.
  • Criminal Record Certificate from Ministry of Justice of NZ (We suggest requesting it in advance)
  • Flight ticket/Flight itinerary. There is no need to confirm flight tickets before the visa has been granted, you can provide a one-way flight booking. However, you need to provide a valid itinerary.
  • Contagious Disease Clearance certificate: signed by a registered medical practitioner and dated within 30 days prior to the application. The certificate must certify you are free of contagious diseases and in good health for your upcoming travel to Chile. Do not submit the medical results, just the letter of the medical practitioner/centre confirming that you are free of contagious diseases. No X Rays required.

VISA FEE: Fees vary depending on the nationality and the type of visa of the applicant, so you can ask us about the fee directly at once your application has been submitted.
We will e-mail you the bank details once your visa has been granted. We do not charge in advance. The fee will be paid only when the visa has been approved, NOT BEFORE.

PROCESSING TIMES: All visas take from 15 to 20 working days in being processed and approved by Immigration Chile. APPLY 30 TO 60 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR TRAVEL DATE.

REGISTRATION OF VISA: You will have to register your visa within the first 30 days of arrival, and apply for a Chilean ID card. We include these instructions once we courier your passport with the visa stamped.

IMPORTANT: The application is online, once the visa has been granted you will have to courier your passport or come personally for the stamping of this visa. Once your visa is stamped, you have 90 days to enter Chile and remain for as long as your visa lasts. Chile doesn't work with electronic visas.
If there are any documents missing this will delay the visa process. The Consulate of Chile can't be made responsible if your visa takes too long if you didn´t attach all the required documents, since we won't put through your application if you are missing a document.
Travelling with children/spouse/legal partner: They need a Visa, so each family member needs to apply for a Dependant Visa. Fees are the same as yours.

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